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Tuesday nights aren’t typically known as a very big “party” night, but this 4/20, that’s exactly what it was. Bourbon Street Lounge in New Port Richey hosted what was by far one of the best local shows so far this year.

The evening started out with The Dood, a local band from Sarasota. These guys have a great sound. They are the perfect mix of mainstream rock and hardcore, and their singer is a force to be reckoned with. Next up was Nine Mile Drive. These guys are local as well, and have been around for a few years. They kept things moving with their high energy sound.

Local band Not Tonight Josephine (from Brandon) filled the main support slot for well known national act Sick Puppies. NTJ have only been around a short time, but they’ve proven they definitely have staying power. They’ve played at the 97X Backyard BBQ, and have established a pretty good following both headlining shows of their own as well opening for other nationally known acts such as Framing Hanley and Anberlin. These guys have tons of energy and an amazing chemistry on stage, which made them the perfect choice to get the crowd warmed up for Sick Puppies.

Sick Puppies. A three piece band from Australia. They’re not only an amazing band, but they’re appreciative of their fans and how they got to where they are. Hence the show at Bourbon. These guys are currently on tour with Breaking Benjamin right now, but decided to stop in and do a small local bar show on their day off, hanging out and sharing beers with everyone else in the crowd, and not only watching but cheering on the supporting acts. I personally was more than impressed. Their lead singer, Shimon Moore is not only vocally talented, but he is the antithesis of what a frontman should be: charismatic, funny and just the right amount of cockiness to get the whole crowd going. Drummer, Mark Goodwin, is super talented, and absolutely kills it live. And let’s not forget Emma Anzai, the super hot, super talented bass player. She managed to steal the show on several occasions with a few super funky bass riffs that only left the crown wanting more. This trio has excellent chemistry together and it comes through in their live show. Moore announced their last song at around 11:00pm after doing about an hour and ten minute set, but had no problem sticking around and even taking encore requests. Sick Puppies are definitely going to be around for a while, and I would strongly suggest catching their live show if you can.

reporting for KICKACTS over Tampa,
Jon Tucker