DIO fan protesting westboro Church at Dio’s funeral.

I say the  DIO fan WON!!! 😛

For those of you that  don’t get the photo… The “church’s” web address is www.godhatesfags.com

Sad to see someone hiding behind a pulpit and preaching hate…I thought Jesus was about “LOVE”…..


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    these guys are cons too.they not only use gods name to preach hatred.they do so to incite violence towards themselves .so they can sue the city they are in for not protecting them and also the attacker for assualt.they make a killing doing this .that rev.phelps is a vile evil turd.

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    which is the fan

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    BRAVO!! You tell ’em, guy who knows how to make your point better with poster board and construction paper!!! You shall inherit the earth!!

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    these people are not christians,God loves us all,he just hates the sin.

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