Sheryl Crow, good looking? sure but she’s another green Idiot…, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

you have to read the comments, they are funny as heck 🙂 Here is  one just to get you started…(chuck)

Submitted by gyyrhunter on Fri, 2010-08-13 14:22.
Ms Crow let us know when your tour will be coming to the Midwest, we will be able to supply with plenty of recyclable wipes, they are called corncobs, they be disposed of easily and helps to add fertilizer to the soil. They will also provide you with a sensation you will never forget.
Here is part of her “Tour Rider”

The document, excerpted here, actually has a 2-1/2 page “environmental portion” to be “strictly followed and policed.” Seeking to “minimize the overall environmental impact of our tour,” Crow demands that only biodegradable cups and dinnerware be used by the caterer. Produce should be “organic and purchased from local suppliers as much as possible.” And for the five backstage “watering stations,” water “must be sourced from a local spring water vendor.”

According to Crow’s rider, her tour party travels between gigs in two 45-foot buses, while her equipment is packed into two tractor-trailers.

Crow, 48, also offers promoters “venue greening suggestions.” She wants “traditional light bulbs” swapped out for compact fluorescent bulbs in “all offices, dressing rooms and common areas.” “Eco-friendly cleaning and bathroom products” and “post-consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towel” should also be used. Crow’s rider also notes that, “We strongly encourage you to use renewable sources and/or to buy sustainable energy credits where possible. Many local utilities offer ‘green power’ as an option–please check with yours and opt in.”

The document also details how Crow’s backstage hospitality room is to be stocked. The singer needs an assortment of “biodegradable non-petroleum cups” and 24 “disposable napkins made of 100% recycled fiber.”

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