UFO’s are watching Ozzy’s Concerts?

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Roger Marsh of UFO Examiner reports that “a triangle UFO flying higher than any conventional aircraft” was spotted during Ozzy Osbourne‘s performance at the Ozzfest 2010 kick-off concert on Saturday, August 14 in Devore, California. “The shape was triangular with rounded tips,” one concert-goer was quoted as saying, according testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness-reporting database. “The color of the craft was a pale gray. The middle looking on edgewise was slightly rounded and thicker in the middle, which held three round lights in a line strobe-like. Colors were green, yellow and pinkish purple. The lights were like a strobe that blinked and flashed 3-5 times before it disappeared behind a tree that it fit behind.”

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In October 2008, The History Channel debuted an episode of “UFO Hunters” that featured one of the best-documented UFO “sightings” to date. It took place August 21, 2004, when fans were leaving an Ozzfest concert that took place First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in in Tinley Park, Illinois.

As the fans were caught up in a traffic jam, three lights in a triangular pattern hovered above them for nearly 20 minutes. According to a Chicago UFO expert, it may be the most-seen incident recorded.

Watch a four-minute report on the Tinley Park UFO “sighting” below. (Note: The report below is not part of the “UFO Hunters” episode.)