Katey Perry on Sesame Street and some people are uptight about it

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They are complaining that she is showing too much cleavage with Elmo….Come on people, they are just Boobs..to small kids they are  containers that hold their milk for them until they are ready for it…. I am sure no grade school kids are looking at them like us adults do, Fun bags, play toys, soft pillows, ta ta’s, and nice ones at that…. Why is it when people get older they get this “puritan” idea and self rightous..? She is playing dress up with Elmo, The kids only know her as a “pop Singer”, they aren’t drooling over her boobs…just some of us adults do 😉 Besides that, how many other Rockstars have appeared on Sesame street, a bunch. Here is a link to some of the guests that have appeared over the years… http://www.sesamestreet.org/onair/celebrityguests

So check out the video and if by chance you see her boobs, well…Welcome to adulthood….