Hanging with Faster Pussycat at Frankies with Murray

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by rogue reporter Murray Carter 

Let’s see where do I began? Saturday, Nov. 23th, 2010 the Faster Pussycat band was coming to Frankie’s Bar in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Thursday prior my wife Katrina and I went and bought our tickets ahead of time to ensure our spot to see the show. The next night I sent out a Facebook friend request to Casey Carnage who books the bands at Frankie’s. Little did I know it was the best friend request I could’ve ask for him. I mentioned to him that I was working for KICKACTS magazine, which is a local online music mag owned by my good friend Chuck Gee. Casey Carnage told me he was the one who had gotten Faster Pussycat to play at Frankie’s bar. So I thought to myself what the hell, I’ll ask him if he thought he could get me an interview with someone from the band. Man the moment he told me he could I was stoked. I called Casey and asked if there was anything we could do to help and lucky for he needed a ride. That’s were our adventure began. Little did I know that Katrina and I would be hanging out with the band and driving them around Owensboro. First stop was Frankie’s to meet the band member. Tamie was the first to step out of the RV and shake my hand an Katrina’s too. Then we walked around back where the rest of the band and road crew exited the RV. Chad Stewart (drummer, Danny Nordahl (bass guitar), Xristian Simon (guitar), Ace Von Johnson (guitar), Thomas, their main man at getting everything set up and sound checks complete and Savannah, who sells all the faster Pussycat SWAG!! As the back of the RV opened up, we made a line and I went into roadie mode unloading equipment. It was pretty cool, the guys were real nice, laid back and always cutting jokes. As all the equipment finally entered the building, Chad asked Casey if we could drive Tamie to the hotel so he could rest and get ready. We said sure, come on let’s go! After dropping Tamie off Casey says the rest of the crew would like to know if we could drive them around to their meet & greet at FYE’s in the Owensboro Mall and once again we said YES!!While waiting for everyone to load up Thomas and Savannah mentioned they wanted a tattoo, so I had called my good friend Marty Owens and his son Chris McClure who own “Ink Mob studio” at 3525 Frederica Street in Owensboro. I managed to get them the “hookup”. So Katrina offered to drop them off at the Meet & Greet and then drive Thomas to the shop. What I didn’t expect was to be invited to hang with them at the Meet & Greet by Chad, who btw, is an absolute cool cat and jokester!! Katrina returned and hung out with us at FYE where we took photos and cut up and talked about the tour. 

Once again back on the road headed to the tattoo shop where Thomas was still getting his tat of a heart with devil horns and tail with his daughter’s Lily name in it. Now it was Savannah’s turn to check out what she wanted. While they were getting work done Katrina and I drove the rest of the band back to the venue so they could sound check and get ready to head to the hotel to get ready for the show. Katrina and I headed back to INK MOB studio’s to wait for Thomas and Savannah. Savannah got a TCB with a lightning bolt on her thumb. It came out pretty cool! Before heading back to the Venue the four of us grabbed sandwiches at Penn Station. It’s funny we all got Philly Cheese Steaks!!! lol Now we’re back on the road headed to Frankie’s for the night. Danny invited us to come hangout in the RV parked around the back of Frankie’s and I said HELL YEAH!!!. Come on folks, who’s gonna refuse that offer??? Not ME!! We had a fucking blast; they are all cool as hell. When we went back to the bar Chad asked me if I wanted a Bud Light and we all know I’m not passing up a free beer. Danny Nordahl was doing shots of Jack Daniels and JagerBombs. Chad comes up and tells everyone to get ready Tamie is on his way. Thomas asked for my helping finishing up the last minute sound checks an asked me to stand on the side of the stage and make sure no one disturbed the equipment on that side. I truly felt privileged. Crowds yelling and screaming!! The house was packed!!Everyone’s’ on stage and here comes Tamie wearing a fur coat, Nazi hat, totally cool looking and ready to rock!!The band starts playing and everyone I saw was having a blast dancing, screaming and having the best time in their lives!! They played their songs like “Bathroom Wall, “House of Pain”, “Non Stop to No Where” and others!! Even though I didn’t get to get my interview I got to hang out with the members of Faster Pussycat!! So there you have it!!  The awesome experience of my wife Katrina and I hanging out with FASTER PUSSYCAT!!! oh and Chad, if by chance you read this. Thanks for our wonderful experience hanging with ya’ll. And to Casey Carnage, my new FB friend many THANKS TOO!!!!! Last but not least, thanks to KICKACTS for letting me cover the story!! 

Peace out~ 

MadDawg Murray \m/ \m/