What’s happening for Calling Corners in 2011?

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So welcome to 2011!!!!  And what a year we intend this to be.  It’s been a bit since we’ve updated you and we apologize for that.

We’ve got A LOT in the works and even more in motion…so here’s what’s up!!!

First off, let’s bid farewell to a great 2010…what a great year it was for Calling Corners!!!  With additions of both Brandon and Bret to the family to make the ultimate Calling Corners lineup.  The completion of our first full length release “Evolution Season”…the formed partnership between Restless Management Group and Calling Corners, the formed partnership between ESPN, Rockband Videogame network, and Calling Corners, alot of national shows…and getting to meet all of YOU!!!  Thank you for a great year!!!

On to 2011…our 2011 tour starts THIS WEEKEND in Omaha, Nebraska and then on to Lincoln, Nebraska…from there stops include Chicago, Minneapolis, Evansville, and Nashville.  The calendar will be updated pretty frequently so pleeease check back and back again…aaaand we’re also doing cover shows!!!

The plan is…to play show after show, our rescheduled video shoot in February, meeting new faces, and then back in the studio in August to lay down three new tracks for you guys (and girls) so be watching for those…Also, we’ve got alot of new merch for you to check out!!!  We’ll have pics up on our Facebook page soon…speaking of pics…we got some more new promo shots up on Facebook and soon to be up on MySpace and Calling Corners.com.  Thanks to Gary at Atomic Effect for those shots.

It’s gonna be a busy year for us, but well worth it!

And back to the part of the show where you ask…”what can we do”…it’s easy, just tell people about us…share our cd…suggest us to your friends on Facebook.  You determine how big we get…and we appreciate everything you do for us to show your support!!!  THANK YOU!!!  So here’s to 2011!!!  It’s gonna be HUGE year!!!

For now…blessed be!

Larry, Brandon, Bret, and Matt
Calling Corners