I don’t work January the 8th, ’cause it’s Elvis’ birthday.

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A movie quote from DC Cab..anyone remember that movie? Well, it’s that time again when literally thousands of people will descend on to Graceland’s lawn in Memphis Tennessee and remember an icon that passed away in 1977. I remember it to this day. Like a lot of things I can recall, some good some bad…. But anyway, He had some great music he didn’t write and some great campy movies. I remember watching one, was it “Love me tender” where the woman went outside and saw the shooting star? She said it was an omen and that she would die that night and well, she did. I too went outside that very night and saw a shooting star and thought I would die too!! But I was a little naive boy at the time and thought everything on TV was “fact” not fiction.
Be safe “in your travels to Memphis”.

and Elvis, if you are out there…