Ten Questions with Daykota Campbell aka “DK”

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1.Hello Daykota and welcome to Kickacts. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

well readers of Kickacts online magazine my name is William Daykota Channing Campbell AKA DK (DONKEY KONG) if you ever meet me you can call me Daykota or DK it don’t matter to me im 17 im a junior at HENDERSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL. I love it there and thats only because i have a lot of friends. i love football and wrestling and skateboarding my favorite football team is the patriots my all time favorite wrestler is John Cena (but more on him later) my all time favorite skateboarder is Tony Hawk (and again more on later also) im a member of Young life (and again more on that later.) my mom’s name is Brenda Campbell she has been a head start associate for 15 years. she work’s at south heights elementary. My Dad ‘s name is Randy Campbell he has worked in Evansville. In for 29 years at Mid-America Cultch Company. i started music when i was little listening to the backstreet boys album MILLINEM it just spoke to me when i was little then i got out of music because i brought in the lion king cd one time to school and was told by all the other kids i had bad taste in music never like it again till 5th grade when i heard Uncle Kracker “Drift Away” and my teacher said i should start singing in choir and i did for 3 years it was supposed to be 2 but i got added on for another year because my guidance teacher said i had to do it one more year and lets just say i found out why. She knew the choir was going to do one Elvis Pressly song i was a big Elvis fan just liked the way he sounded it was great i got to do hound dog and i messed up but still loved it. i started listening to rap back when Eminem was doing “when im gone” i just connected with that song i just thought wow this is a white guy doing a black guy music for granted i was like 10 didn’t know no better about music so yeah. but i started to rap when i was in the 8th grade i went to north middle school and after 3 years of just singing i got tired of it i found out i could not sing worth crap i remember thinking “wow i sound remedial” but when i got to HENDERSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL i was a freshman i didn’t really get into the wrong crowd per say it was just friends i knew for along time that got into trouble just everyday but i started rapping when i got there and people could not belive i could rap i mean i get this all the time you take this short kid who’s 4’9 weighs about 90 pounds and you think he cant do anything but the first time i rapped people’s mouth were wide open just like “i don’t belive it” i just love rap and hip hop always have. ive been doing it for about 4 years now met alot of great people have to say thank you to Kasper From the K he was a big infuliance just a great guy great rapper and a great friend.

2.You’re involved in “Young Life”. What’s that and what’s it about?
YoungLife is a Christian group thing from high school people and some adults anybody can come we allow anybody and everybody its just us supporting our love for GOD and we have fun we do skits we do games and at the end of the night they have on of the people that work in Henderson’s Kentucky YoungLife talk about GOD and what it means to them as we go on we learn something new every week there is a camp for it. I have to say that Young life camp was a great exprince for me it was fun i did so much stuff just cant remember it.

3.Who are your hero’s?
My hero’s are Superman John Cena Tony Hawk Kasper From The K and Michael Jackson.

Superman is one of my hero’s because he stands for truth justice and the American way he’s just this great superhero after all we all like one hero we say thats like us well that mine right there Smallville the TV show about Superman was a big infuliance in my life because it was just a great show it taught me responiceblites and that we create our own destinies. John Cena is another one of my Hero’s because his moto is Hustle Loyalty and Respect was big i live by it the man’s a great wrestler but the real reason i like him is because he’s real about what he does he grew up watching wrestling and now he’s doing it plus he’s a great rapper he’s just like me freestyles his lyrics. Tony Hawk one of the greatest skateboarders alive he did the 900 and so many tricks he’s created plus his own clothing life i wear 24/7 and thats what makes me different from a bunch of rappers you see rappers wearing Jordan with shorts of gangsta clothes haha not me i wear tony hawk shoes shirt pants and socks and belt just my own word HAWKED out. i think the reason why Michel Jackson is one of my hero’s is because i feel in love with the man’s dancing and songs ‘the way you make me feel”, “man in the mirror”, “Billie jean” and so many more the man was one of my biggest inspirations i miss him R.I.P MICHEAL JACKSON THE KNG OF POP. now i saved this one i saved for last because he’s is the biggest i mean biggest inspiration and my biggest hero KASPER FROM THE K I have know him since i was 3 didn’t realize it but he became my best friend we just hung out after i came back from YoungLife camp just fun walking and running around the block his music is inspiration to me i live by i listen to it everyday i will say if you have never heard a Kasper from the k song go look one up go look him up on facebook Tim hoggard. I respect this man so much we have been friends for almost a year now and he’s just like a big brother to me he give me advice and we have never had a fight and that amazes me just great im happy i met Kasper he’s a great guy.

4.You got an album coming out soon. Can you give us the 411 on it and how it’s coming along?
Yes i do have a album coming out its called RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW now you guys are the only one who will find anything out about the album everybody at my school Henderson County High School know that its coming out in 4 weeks on the 24th that will be a Monday i will be done by the 14th of January and that it really on the relaise date as for the idea behind the album i wanted to be a rapper for a long time it’s been a journey and a half it has been going on since semptermber of last year and still going on i mean its been a LONG time working on it and getting done i mean first my manger Coty Hefner AKA Ripz 2 Tones let me record at his house for the first 3 songs and they are called about to go down feat Ripz 2 Tones on the 2nd verse and the Chorus, Chain gang solders (respect for John Cena right there) and represent hendo just 3 song that got me started but the album as it has been so far i came up with new songs for it and here’s the track list and what the songs are about
1.lets pretend its about me pretending i never got into rapping wrestling and the lord and ect freestyle

2.Why i do it for the rap game its a song about why im in the rap game and why i do it for the rap game

3.soldier is just what the songs talks about its about the soldiers i have so much respect for the solders and im going to talk about im working a squeal like 3 of them called we going to war songs its a trilliogy

4. my soul longs for you is a song about GOD and Jesus just talking about how my soul longs for them and how much they mean to me

5.The next best rapper alive was supposed to be a diss to lil Wayne but then i taught man i can do a diss and tell them how im going to be the next best rapper alive this one will be a freestyle no words on paper written

6.right here right now this song is talking about how im making my name in the rap game right here and now plus it was back in my freshman year when i made the album name they waited 3 years for the album when every one of them wanted it right here right now

7. concert rap its about what the fans what to see at a concert and there is a diss to wacka flacka flame on there

8.love hurts this one is talking about how i cant get a girlfriend no matter how ive tried just cant get one and its hurts

9.when i make it this song is about when i make it in the rap game and what will happen

10.me and Jesus this one will be talking about how far my relationship with Jesus has came since the song “my soul longs for you” which is about a year really

11.inspiration is just a breakdown song this one will be a freestyle

12.letter to mama this one is a song about my mom just talking about how we grew up where we are and expressing the love i have for her this one is a freestyle but it will be from my heart

13. freestyle king this one is my all time personal favorite just talking about how im a freestyle king im going to go all out on this one non stop rapping freestyle crazy

5.What’s your opinion on today’s Hip hop scene?
The hip hop scene is crazy we got so many new people in the game its just amazing i know i have alot of people to go through to become the next best rapper alive and i want to do this my way so im going to tell you all the rappers i don’t like and why and then i’ll tell you all the rappers i do like.
rappers i don’t like
1. the first one i just don’t like that much is souljia boy tell em and the reason is because he just ruined rap people was happy when he started rapping and stop doing dance songs and he got serious and the next thing he does is go back to what he did i mean the guy is more of a singer than a rapper he don’t rap he’s a singer and thats what im classifying him as.
2. the second one is Gucci Maine this one is going to come back and bite me in the butt i bet it but i cant never understand what that dude is saying half the time i mean i liked the song he did with Mario but thats about it the guy has no idea what he’s saying half the time i mean it was just huh what he say here and there its just not good.
3.50 cent this one oh my god haha i remember a time when i used to like 50 cent that man is just a one hit wonder off every album now and thats it Rick Ross whipped him a new lyric when he did all those diss’s on him i was like “dang” just 50 no good no more he ran out of stuff to rap about.
4. Wacka flacka flame this dude is known for his crunk gangsta music now when Lil Jon did it we all loved it but he’s the only one who can do it this dude does not go hard in the paint ive listened to his songs he needs to make sure he makes more sence in his raps. i was watching the B.E.T music awards and he was on there all this guy did was scream wacka flocka 7 times man i was like thats now a concert or anything thats how i came up with my song the concert rap.
alright now on to the people i do like in the rap game

1.Eminem the reason i like Eminem is because he keeps it real when he raps he talks about what he is feeling at the time how he does it is crazy he goes back and fix’s it to where it makes sence he has countless singles that hit number 1 i love his music its crazy it great
2.Lil Wayne even though im tired of Wayne’s stuff all his old stuff was great just like Eminem he has had countless number one singles he does not write down he lyrics or so he claims but either way you have to acknoldge that he is the best rapper alive but im here to take that title.
3. Nicki Manji is one of the greatest female rappers EVER period she keeps it so real plus she hot deffinate bouns i mean ever since i heard her on Young Money “Bedrock” i was amazed at how she did she was the first rapper since Missy Eliot and she been trying to make sure more female’s get in the rap game i mean she has collab with Lil Wayne Sean Kingston P Diddy and so many more she does the rap game with respect i love her her music and i hope she does get the respect she deserves.
4. T.I is the King of the south because he is the greatest south rapper but unfournate he’s back in Jail the King Uncaged is what was supposed to come out but instead we get a CD we never knew anything about called “no mercy” this one is alright had some pretty good songs on it but still i wanted to hear King Uncaged. His last album paper trail was the greatest T.I CD ever realized because it had top charting song after song just a great album “live your life and dead and gone” were my all time favorite just a great CD.
5. B.O.B is a up and coming rapper and after hearing “all over the world” with Bruno Mars he has displayed he really good to deserve that he is a rapper my gosh this dude made hit after hit airplane part 1 and 2 i bet with T.I and many more he great he just raps i mean its amazing.
6.Young Money we are still banging Bedrock i know i am i know that song word by word verse by verse i like it got so many respect and i love the whole album i mean do you know how hard it is to love a whole album of something.
7. Drake this one is the second to last for one reason only he’s should be the next best rapper alive Drake Audrey Graham started out on Degrassi:the next generation don’t lie you used to watch it when you was kid or at least when you was a teen i know i did thats how we know him right there Drake signed with Lil Wayne back in 08 and is still hot as ever i was watching his very first interview that proves he got nothing but respect in the rap game and he said this “sure im the hottest thing in the game right now but if some other kid comes along and he can rap better than me sing better than me i wont go down without a fight but until then im going be right here doing what i got to do” single after single collab after collab im like his music more and more “best i ever had bedrock” and some more just number one hit like i said at the begging he should be the next best rapper alive.
8. the final one KASPER FROM THE K if you haven’t heard this guy rap go look on youtube or something because this dude will be coming with me when i make it big i promise you ive know him for a long time he is a great rapper maybe he will be come a git one day i don’t know yet but we will find out but in my eyes and ears his music and videos are great he talks about his life and he does his stuff so real enough said look him up i promise you wont be disappointed.

6. How important is the role parents play in their children’s career? Do your parents support your dreams?

 i think that family should support you in what ever you do i know mine does see that where most artist get there inspiration from is family weather they like them or hate them i know my dad doesn’t like me doing this but he still loves me either way he’ll support me all the way.

7. When your album drops, where can your fans pick it up at?

when the album drops you can come pick up or text me cause im deaf and see when it comes out at 1-270-869-5986 plus im single 😉 but i dont know when it will come out i’ll keep you updated on that im supposed to have a show at the Denton shelter for younglife on February 7th so please come out and support that.

8. Are you down with The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight”?

haha the sugar hill gang oh my gosh i have not listened to them since kangaroo jack came out so its been awhile.

9. What is your opinion of Steven Hawking’s and his theory on the existence of alien life?

i do not bleave in alien life until i see it.

10. This is not a question, it’ called “shout it out loud”. It’s were you get to sound off and say anything you want. So go ahead DK, and “SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!

OK first i want to say thank you to chuck for letting me get this great interview in i loved doing it and i want to say thank you to GOD for letting me rap and for giving me the talent to rap i love doing it its great i want to thank my mom and dad and my fans and friend and family for supporting me and my music and im going to end this interview with this. i shout it out to the lord like it was here and gone im like the pythons mess with you get poison im the onitment for the thrills you get chill just looking at me the wrong way for the say im go ahead and beat any rapper anyday. also look me up at



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