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Jay Jay today 

Credit: Kayos Productions

Recently reported, Twisted Sister has dusted off their classic glam metal debut, 1982’s Under the Blade, and have remastered/expanded it, to include a vintage performance from the 1982 Reading Festival in England, as well as bonus tracks.

To mark this occasion, Twisted Sister’s guitarist, Jay Jay French, agreed to navigate carefully through the sometimes-treacherous waters of the Short-But-Sweet Interview.

UGO: How heavy is the reissue of Under the Blade?

JAY JAY FRENCH: The digital remaster is, for the first time, from the original Secret Records masters 2-track tape. It is as close to owning the original master tape of Under the Blade as you can technically get at this point and time. You also get the legendary 4 song Ruff Cutts EP and a live track from the Reading Festival performance that was rarely ever available. It is a dream package as far as SMF’s are concerned.

UGO: How would you rate the Reading performance among the greatest shows that Twisted Sister ever did?

JAY JAY FRENCH: The Reading performance was historically extremely important as it really is our introduction to the world of rock festivals in general and the UK/Europe festival scene in particular. As far as to how much better the playing is vs. another performance at the time? That’s too hard to say as we were and remain consistent in terms of the high level of performance criteria that we use to gauge relative performance levels. This is solely due to the fundamentals that we learned in the 10 years of bar band period. You do get however to see Pete Way, Fast Eddie, and Lemmy perform with us, and that is VERY SPECIAL!

UGO: Is the story about an irate concert goer throwing doo-doo up on stage during your set at the Reading Festival really true, or is it a fabrication?


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