“Born Villain” A new video from Marilyn Manson

It’s rated NC 17 folks…

You should be 18 to view it.

He calls it art. I am not sure I buy it anymore. His career is in the toilet and he needs to make some noise. So I guess this it. The video covers: S&M, bondage, submission, humiliation, child molesting, face piercing, murder, boobs and fake eyeballs in vaginas and more. Not to mention he is also going bald…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…


Disclaimer…I just posted the video. I or KickActs don’t endorse it or condone it…chuck




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    okay why do theses to “artist” remove their work.manson hasnt been worth a poop since 2000.and shitty labeef…….he needs to stick to giant robots.

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