MINX band review along with Double Dukes… A KICKACTS two-fer!

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Sorry for the crappy cell phone video but the band was hopping and I had to share it someway. Minx has been around for a long time and they never fail to deliver. Preston, Russel and the rest of the guys got a good thing going on. I know of some “band” people that bash MINX but I just have to say , “Hey, is your band packing places out week after week after week?” Probably not so there you go. These guys do and they work hard at their craft and it shows. I went with a wedding party last Saturday night and Eddie Crunk of Double Dukes was nice enough to let us all skip on the cover charge for the newly married couple and so I hung out for a couple of MINX’s sets and had a few beers to support the club. Eddie has a super nice place there and his Karaoke set up is the best in the Tri-State. He can take all of non singing weekend professionals and make us sound pretty awesome. Plus the light show is state of the art to with Intelligent lighting too.

Back to MINX. These guys fire off one hit after the other. From “Save a Horse Ride a cowboy” to “Patience” and everything in between. I don’t even think they stop to take a breath in between songs. It’s a constant mix of hit after hit and no slack songs. These guys nail the songs too pretty much note for note. Preston with his Bass slung low like a gunslinger, Bobby on vocals going from range to range effortlessly and his brother Dylan keeping the beat on drums and Russell holding down the guitar chores, well the band is well worth seeing. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Double Dukes has awesome drink prices and a Kick ass nite Club. Go by and tell Eddie hello and hang out for a while. Enjoy the bands he brings in and if MINX is there too, then its a double bonus.




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