Steve Perry recording? Really?????????

Hopefully. He hasn’t done anything since 1998. That’s only been what 14 years now? Read the interview. Touring is out of the question too. ūüôĀ

Steve Perry knows “it’s been a long time, for sure” — since 1998, actually — since the world’s heard any new music from the former Journeyfrontman.


But after “navigating” Journey’s new¬† “Greatest Hits Vol. 2” and a vinyl reissue of his 1984 solo album “Street¬† Talk,” Perry tells he’s planning to get to work in earnest in a studio he’s just finishing in his southern California home just north of San Diego, which he says will have a control room and “a tracking room about the size of Motown.”


“I’m finishing that room up and I’ve written a whole bunch of ideas and directions, all over the map, in the last two, three years,” says¬† Perry, who was with Journey from 1977-98. “So I plan on getting in the studio at some point and start trying to track these things and see where they¬† go.



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