How to Blow off your band interview or how to rock it out….”free advice”, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Attention bands… I know is not the Rolling Stone magazine but hey we do get around 80,000 pages a month (not counting our FB page hits) so we do kinda make some noise. We are here for “YOU”. We send out interviews to help promote “YOUR BAND” ..not my band. The interviews are “FREE”, say that out loud “F.R.E.E”… some of you in bands contact us for “INTERVIEWS”, say it again out loud…INTERVIEW, meaning “FREE” publicity for “YOUR BAND”…I always say be long winded in “YOUR INTERVIEW”, its your place to “PLUG YOUR BAND” and its “FREE”…again its “FREE”…Some of you get that, some of you don’t…When I get your answers back and its a one line answer..or “we don’t know”…I don’t even bother to finish reading your interview or correcting your spelling much less chase down your FB page and take photos and videos off of it to add to your interview.Why you ask?…Because “YOU” are either so arrogant that you got your head up your butt that you think you are Bono and blow off the “FREE INTERVIEW” or your too stupid to realize its “FREE” press is “FREE” and any INTERVIEW is a feather in your cap…and long winded doesn’t mean “one word answers”..jeeshh….GO through our “
” part of our site at and see how well and not how well some of you get it….Your loss not mine if you blow off the interview with short answers…If you ever get as famous as Bono or Madonna feel free to stick me with pins, but until then, you need all the PR you can get and you get that by playing and doing interviews…