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Fred Bassett

For those that may be interested. I have a ton of stuff to liquidate. I will provide pics for the items as soon as I can, this is a partial just a partial list:
Fender Jazz 24 – $300
Gibson ES-135 (mint) $1200
Epihpone Black Les Paul Studio – $200
Squier Strat $75
Marshall AVT275 Combo – $350
Carvin 8X10 Bass Cab (new speakers) $200
Dean Flying V (NEW) $175
Marshall 1960 Cab – $350
Marshall AVT150H head – $250
Kubicki Factor Bass (rare violin finish) $800
Kubicki Factor 5 sting bass Red -$600
Dean Razor Bass Natural Active – $400

More items to be added soon along with pics.
If there is anything in particular you are wanting to ask about please feel free to send me a text at 270-957-0054