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Jerry Lewis. He’s my comic inspiration. He was just HIM-self,  Always! I recommend “The Bell-Boy” , and “The Nutty Professor” to all your readers… *** here’s what is really cool about comedy in America… There are SO many funny people out there working  and out there TRYING to “work it” . There are extremely funny people all over, not just who you might see on TV…

So I suggest the Kick Acts readers to find an “open Mic ” comedy show  and go watch !!!! It will be way more entertaining than watching TV at home and most likely it will be FREE to get in… Try to find one that is NOT at the local comedy club. Check out a “bar-comedy-open mic” instead.  Have a drink or two  and watch how comedy develops… If I’m wrong , you can just leave…no harm / no foul… But if you do see someone who is funny,PLEASE !!! walk across the room  and tell them… THAT will make someone’s day / night / week /and even month.. Ok thanks  and keep those attitudes on fantastic!

You can reach Otto Here 🙂