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Happy Birthday Steven Tyler, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Steven Tyler Birthday

Steven Tyler hits the big 64 today. Congrads on making this far Steven Tyler.  Many people that have done far less drugs didn’t make it as far as you or fared as well. You and your band kicked some major butt back before 1980 when you wrote most of your own songs. After that, well you turned into Desmond Child’s radio band but I don’t guess it’s a bad thing, you guys have made a fortune. But as I am sure most of our readers will agree with me. You guys wrote “real” music when you were starving to death and fighting your way up the music ladder.

For example, I am going to put up “old” skool Aerosmith and then some radio friendly watered down somewhat resembles Aerosmith and let the battle begin…

And my personal favorite from Steven Tyler

That is some killer music from Steven Tyler and the boys! Now let’s turn our attention to the watered down drink in the glass version of Aerosmith… my, my, my, may the sad wings of destiny fly over these songs and remove all the fake paper mache of  music window treatment they have received…

Steven Tyler

Enjoy your birthday dude!! You really don’t look like a lady…


Hey I snuck that one in on you. Kicking it old skool with Run DMC was a great idea and it mixed Rap and Rock up together for a major hit back in the 80’s.

Aerosmith’s website:

Updated: March 28, 2012 — 7:52 PM

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  1. I heard that Aerosmith might be announcing a 2nd leg of their tour (source: Any way that Evansville can get the Bad Boys from Boston to the Ford Center? I saw them at Roberts Stadium in 2004, and I believe they were here in 1998. Even further back (before I was born), I believe they toured Roberts several times in the 70s and maybe even the 80s. I sure hope they come here!

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