Making Money In Music-What is it like to be able to play

What’s it like to you. Suppose you are sitting with someone and you are trying to explain what it’s like and how it makes you feel. Could you do it? I am not looking for things like “because it feels good” or ” it makes people happy”. No, let’s go further down deep in your very soul and tell us what its like. Your inner being, the Spirit part. How does music affect you? Do you make a circuit when the magic happens? Can you feel it coursing through your veins?

One way I try to explain it is like the Movie “Powder”. It’s all encompassing. We are always chasing the lightning… We don’t always capture it but when we do it’s like the Universe and everything in it are “one” and complete.

When I listen to music I can feel it in my body. When I am playing guitar it is moving from my left hand to my right. It’s like I am hooked up to a loop of electricity that completes me. Turn off the music and it unplugs me. I am lost without it. A ship without sails or wind to move it with…

So my fellow music lovers and music makers whats it like?

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    So hard to explain. Especially when we are in a band situation. That strange,
    beautiful knowledge that we are sharing air in a way that most people do not.
    These are our rhythms, this is us fitting unseen puzzle pieces together to create an invisible, yet utterly “felt”, and not just heard piece of art.
    When the music is hitting on all eight cylinders, I am fully aware that I am part of something beyond myself. It is a power that summons me, and not the other way around.
    I think that it is a goal of every musician to be able to “summon the music”, but I am not so sure it ever really works that way. It seems as though the spirit of music a flirtatious one, and that at best we can only come to a mutual relationship with it, as opposed to dominating its nebulous ways.
    When I do not force it, music floats somewhere between my mind, heart, and hands.

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