Henderson’s Tri-fest is this weekend…So what day is it gonna rain?

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Tri-festThe Tri-Fest. Aw, I remember fun times as a young teenager going to the three day downtown festival full of rides and good food. I had a blast riding the “Zipper” and going through the cheesy but entertaining haunted house.

As I got older and got married and had kids, ok, not in that order but why should you care anyway? We always took our kids to the Tri-fest in order for them to enjoy the rides, games and food too. Now our kids are taking their kids and it seems every year my gold fish pond gets new gold fish as the grand kids win them in the ping pong tossing game. “Moby” the white goldfish has been in there now for about 3 years and he too was won at the ping pong table. Good times and memories  continue to carry on in this tradition…

Which leads me to the next tradition. Not really a complaint but more of an observance. It rains at least one day out of the three almost every year. Its either on a Friday and it starts about the time the rides and food booths open up or it rains all day Sunday when the kids can get bracelets and special deals on the kiddie rides. Or we have to deal with another weather issue. It’s too cold to have little ones out.

Which leads to another question. Why don’t or why won’t the “City” leaders move the tri-fest to a later date? Is there some magical reason it can’t be changed? One or two weeks would make a world of difference in the weather…

Even as I write this I am checking the forecast for this weekend and here it is…Scattered Thunderstorms on Friday so that’s a bust already. Saturday’s forecast isn’t any better. T-showers and a High of 59 degrees. So we got the rain and the cold weather all in one that day for a double whammy… Sunny and 61 degrees on Sunday…

So anyway… Bundle up. Wear a rain coat and go out and support one of the few things Hendo allows young people to enjoy…It’s for a good cause too.


Here’s the “munchies Map”


And a link to the Lions Club about the History of the Tri-fest.