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The first time I heard this band was way back in the eighties. My friend and former Iced Earth drummer Rodney Beasley had ACCEPT‘s album “Fast as a Shark”. It sounded like a mechanized machine! Their sound was unlike any other thing that I had heard at the time. Two guitars that complimented each other just like Judas Priest but with a unique metal sound, almost like machine gun fire. That album was awesome then the follow up album “Balls to the Wall” pushed them over the top. Clearly their time had came.

And here we are years later. Udo has left ACCEPT but the new singer Mark Tornillo is ever bit the singer Udo is and is carrying the torch for metal everywhere. I just wish America wasn’t so caught up in the sugar coated fake pop stuff that’s everywhere and bring back those metal days. I guess the generation before me can say the same about “The Beetles”. But the metal era was my era.

Enjoy the new ACCEPT. It kicks some major butt. It sounds a little like “Balls to the Wall” and Metallica’s “From Whom the Bell Tolls” but it’s metal through and through!!

HORNS UP!! \m/ \m/