Marilyn Manson really has gone down hill hasn’t he?, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Just checking out some fan shot footage of Marilyn Manson recently at a show. The sound quality I can dismiss since its filmed with a hand held camera and not pro shot. That’s a given but just his show quality and his musicians, Whew. When he first came out he was scary as hell and I loved the creepy horror theme he did. I mean I “get it”. I know its all an act. But then he went through a “Bowie” stage and then he changed again. I know you have to change with the music “tide” but I think you need to keep the core of what made you intact.

Just watching two of the videos I saw sloppy guitar playing and the guitar player train wrecked during “Sweet Dreams” and during “Beautiful People” Marilyn started a verse out early but recovered…. Gone are the days when he was creeping the stage on crutches and strange Gothic creations…

Let’s go back to when he mattered and not just “entertaining”..