Boston Singer Brad Delp commited suicide over a spy camera…, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

or so its being reported  now…


Boston singer Brad Delp installed a hidden camera in his fiancee’s sister’s bedroom – and killed himself nine days after he was caught.

Evidence given in the court case between Boston mainman Tom Scholz and a newspaper revealed how Delp, who committed suicide in 2007, was ashamed and apologetic after his spy device was found.

Events came to light as part of Scholz’s claim that the Boston Herald defamed him by suggesting he was to blame for his bandmate’s death.

Delp was engaged to Pamela Sullivan while her sister Meg Sullivan lived in the singer’s house. His relationship with Meg was described as “platonic”.

But in February 2007 she discovered his battery-powered spy device when it fell from its hiding place. She confronted him about it then went to stay with her boyfriend.

Delp emailed her to apologise, saying: “I feel sick about this, and deservedly so.” He later added: “I want to try and make you understand that I consider myself a decent person who made a dreadful error in judgement. I acted out of some impulse that is still not completely fathomable to me.”

But her boyfriend, Boston sound engineer Todd Winmill, ordered him to tell his fiancee what had happened. “He essentially apologised for half an hour,” said Winmill. “I told him he had to tell Pamela. He didn’t like the thought of having to do that.”

Delp later took his own life by lighting two charcoal grills in his sealed bathroom, leading to his death by carbon monoxide poisoning. In one of four notes he wrote: “I have had bouts of depression and thoughts of suicide since I was a teenager.”

Afterwards the Boston Herald reported he’d been “beaten down by the years of dealing with Tom Scholz,” which the bandleader says amounts to blaming him for the singer’s death. He’d countered that Delp’s depression was caused by “an extremely upsetting and embarrassing incident,” although he’d refused to provide details.

But Meg Sullivan says Delp had told Pamela about the camera, and the couple were dealing with the issue. She tells the Boston Herald: “In the years that followed Brad’s death it has seemed that Tom Scholz has desperately tried to find someone to blame for Brad’s decision to take his life. Quite contrary to what the article implies, Brad’s fear of the repercussions from the event between us was not the reason that he decided to end his life.”

The case continues.