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First off, Hollywood wants to remake everything on what appears to be 15 to 20 year recycle cycles. They ran out of ideas a long time ago. But here at work we got into a discussion on who “really” played the part better in the superhero movies… There have been what, 5 different people that have played batman in the last 20 years? That’s too many and some are better than others but which one is “batman”? Christian Slater? Val Kilmer?George Clooney? Get my point? So I thought I would compile my list of characters I liked and the people who I thought played the role the best.  Jump in on the conversation.

Here they are


Christopher Reeves…Hands down. Those movies were awesome. He “became” Superman. I watched the reruns from the 50’s of George Reeves. George was too old and too heavy to be Superman. Christopher Reeves was perfect…I loved the scene were Clark was building the fire and he accidentally “burnt” his hand and Lois Lane reached for it and saw that it wasn’t burnt and realized he was Superman..

The Joker.

   Cesar Romero, was the “funny” Joker. I remember growing up and enjoying watching those Batman shows on WGN. He played the perfect part for the 60’s version of batman. His character was perfect for that style. But saying that, Jack Nicholson did an ok job of revisiting the role in 1989. But having said all that. The winner goes to Heath Ledger. He took it to a whole new level. His portrayal of the Joker was over the top.”You know how I got these scars”?

The Hulk.

   The recent CGI movie about the incredible Hulk was awful. I realize it was more inline with the comic book version but to me it was just too unbelievable. Way too fake. As far as I am concerned there has only been one Hulk and that Hulk is Lou Ferrigno.

Ben Grimm. (The Thing)

  No doubt Michael Chiklis is Ben Grimm. There is really no comparison out there but his way of portraying the “Thing” is as great as Heath Ledger playing the Joker. He was meant for the role. “It’s Clobbering TIME!”


  Here we go with another movie that has been recycled a few times through. We currently have “another” Spiderman movie out. I will have to say that I thought Tobey Maquire made the best Peter Parker and Spiderman. He had that innocence about him as Peter Parker and the web slinger.

Wonder Woman.

There is no other so don’t even ask. Lynda Carter is “Wonder woman”. For a young male ( and probably some young females too) growing up in the 70’s, she did it for me. With her good looks and that outfit, well, no need to say anymore…


Iron Man.

   No doubt Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. He is the perfect person to play the role. AS Tony Stark, he is rich and arrogant and has the brains to back it all up.Once again, hands down. No one else is noble enough to grace that role…Agree?


   I am kinda partial to Adam West as campy as he was. Being that when we got cable at the house when I was in the 5th grade the first thing to come on the TV was batman. It really was. My grandparents were hooking up the cable box and Batman appeared! So, Adam West is Batman to me. However,  Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton did a great job of playing the role. Christan Slater I think is too dull and plain. His voice is all wrong and he doesn’t animate the character well at all to me. George Clooney himself has said he single handedly almost ruined the Batman franchise with his portrayal of him.


  Once again I gotta go with old Skool. Yvonne Craig was hot back in the day as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara by day and Bat girl by night. It’s the same twist as Clark Kent by day and superman by night, or better yet, Librarian by day and erotic chick at night…Alicia Silverstone just didn’t rock the costume like Yvonne did in my opinion.


   Not sure about Chris O’Donnell being Robin. I remember Burt Ward but that’s going old skool. So I will this one open.


  Alan Napier did a great job but so did Michael Caine. What about Michael Gough? Which one would you pick?