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Two Prayers

gap“Lord, protect me from my neighbor; he is evil and not saved, keep him away from me”
“My neighbor is quiet and shuns me; (I wish we could be friends)”

“Lord, you have saved me from the world, therefore the world I will stay away from”
(“I sure could use a kind word today; I’ve had a really bad day”)

“Lord, only allow other believers like minded like me to talk to me, I promise not to associate with anyone else that’s unclean or unrighteous…”
“My neighbor doesn’t speak to me and turns away when I say “Hello”; (I hope I haven’t offended him)”

“Lord, look at the foolish sinner, I’m glad I’m not like him or his family”
“I’m so sick and tired of this, I’ve tried it this way so many times and it never works, what else can I do, (will someone please help me?”)

“Lord, you have surely blessed me and cursed the wicked, I have plenty to eat, shelter and the bills are all paid, I think my neighbor just had their utilities turned off, maybe next time they’ll learn to pay the bills on time”
“Kids, the electric company is having problems again so we are eating at the soup kitchen until it comes back on, we may have to stay there a couple of days too” (“I just needed $70.00 more dollars until payday to keep the lights on, Dear Lord were can I get that kind of money?”)

“Lord, thank you for this brand new nice warm coat”
“Kids, put on a couple of your shirts to keep warm. I know these aren’t gloves, but your socks will keep you hands warm too” (I wish I had a few extra dollars for gloves and hats)

“Lord, thank you for this nice warm car you have provided for me, look my wicked neighbors, they have to wait on the bus, ha-ha”
“I know it’s cold kids, but the store is just a few blocks down the road”, (I wish someone would stop and give us a ride”)

It’s the Lord’s Day, I’m going to church, look at them, they should be going too but they would rather stay home, Lord they are lazy”
I know my kids need Jesus but “God”; I don’t have a ride…

Which prayer is yours?

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