Once “the Greatest Band in the Land” How much more…

Posted on June 20, 2014
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money can they get out of people?? From selling KISS coffins to KISS condoms. You can buy busted concert guitars for $5,500.00 and used Microphones ($3,000.00) from each show. KISS Kruises and KISS coffee. KISS this and KISS that… For the past few years they have offered VIP “Meet and Greets” before the shows. I can dig that, hang out with the band and take a few photographs. That goes for $1000.00 dollars and doesn’t include a ticket to the show.

But now it even gets worse…

For the small price of $500.00 you can get the “Ultimate Onstage and Backstage Experience”. You get to look at Paul’s vocal station. Gene’s bass station and Tommy and Eric’s stations too and get a photograph with the road crew and have a “Question and Answer” session… In some select markets KISS’s Manager Doc McGee will come out and meet with you…

Roadies are important. They make the shows happen. They are the behind the scene guys. But really? $500.00 bucks to walk on the stage? No disrespect to the crew but come on what’s next? Are they going to sell the uneaten backstage catering food too ? How about the half rolls of toilet paper left in the bathroom by the band?

It’s America and you can pay what you want to pay and yea, KISS has a right to sale whatever they want to make a buck and someone will buy it… But for a band I once would have gone to the ends of the Earth for, it’s hard now as an adult to  see what’s next they are going to hawk and think WTH…Come on guys…:-( Is there no stoop too low?


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