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With the Record industry in the toilet due to digital downloading. It seems no one is making any money this days with recorded music. So how are bands surviving? By touring relentlessly. According to “The Wall Street Journal”, the big money makers are the Roadies. Now known as “Concert Technicians”. It’s no longer sex and drugs for back stage passes to meet the band. We got a whole new crop of professional and somewhat computer geeks running the shows behind the scenes. Even Guitar techs can make a lot of bank with a touring act!

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Here is a snippet of the great article. Hit this <LINK> for the rest of it.

Roadies: Unlikely Survivors in the Music Business – WSJ

One typical roadie job—sound engineering technician—pays $57,000 a year, on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (The figure doesn’t take into account the legion of roadies who are self-employed.) Surveys by the Berklee College of Music say a “front of house” live-sound engineer—the person who controls what concertgoers hear—earns at least $60,000 a year, and can top $120,000. Road managers can earn $125,000 or more. Tour coordinators? $175,000.