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First off, props to the former Bruce Jenner. I guess he feels he needs to dress as a woman and consider himself a woman so who am I to judge? Last time I looked, there was only one Judge out there. Besides that. We are all trying to get thru life as we know it and if it helps him/her get out of bed everyday, look in the mirror and accept himself. That’s a win. I think Caitlyn looks more real than those fake plastic “kardash an grab” chicks that get paraded around and worshiped for having practically zero talent other than a sex tape…

But, and there is always a but. Caitlyn has it easy. On one one end, it can be applauded. He will give encouragement to many others that need the inspiration to follow suite.  However, so far he has done two exclusives which pay pretty big bucks. Not to mention a reality show documenting this transformation,. Money that the average person doesn’t have or can obtain. I am just thinking Caitlyn should donate part of the monies to caring LGBT organizations or suicide prevention causes to help those that feel like they are trapped and not accepted. Those that are everyday normal people living in a world that doesn’t always understand them…Discuss.