W.A.S.P’s Blackie Lawless on his faith!

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Blackie Lawless makes some good points in this interview. He is not a bible thumper. I am sure many of us have been where he has been in his thoughts and thinking too. Even heavy metal guys need a foundation!

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untitled From Blabbermouth:

How Blackie Lawless’s Faith Affected Making Of W.A.S.P.’S “Golgotha”

“When we say ‘religion,’ we kind of use that as a general term, and when people have the resistance that they have to it, they have every reason to feel that way. That’s part of what drove me away — the indoctrination of men that I received; it’s man’s indoctrination. Now, from my perspective, my faith is based on Jesus Christ and the Bible — nothing more, nothing less.

“I don’t want to hear anybody telling me their ideas or their interpretations or interjections of what they’ve put into the Bible, like telling me I can’t eat meat on Friday, or I got to go and worship somebody’s old dead bones somewhere. That’s not in my Bible. There’s a lot of it. Every organized religion has it, every organized faith has it. That’s not where I’m coming from.”
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