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Ah, Tis the season! The fall of the year. Leaves are turning. The weather is cooling down and the wind is blowing that familiar feeling into the air! Halloween is upon us!

candleAfter four plus years of sending out interview requests to interview a psychic during this hallowed time of the year, I finally got a reply. I was super excited to open up my email and see that, as James Pierri had put it “fate had brought us together”. We exchanged emails back and forth and let me tell you something. As for me, the generally, always skeptic but still always curious person that I am… I was highly enlightened over the course of the interview. During the course of our emails, I  sent him just a photograph of a palm of a friend of mine. (See interview below for more details!)  No other information was included with the photograph. A few days later I received the reading back that James did for my friend. Keep in mind that James knew nothing about my anonymous friend. No details at all. Zero, Nada, Nothing…I immediately forwarded the reading to the owner of the palm. My friend isn’t much on words but his reply  was this. “A little creepy but 100 % accurate”! How’s that! Enjoy the interview!


James, welcome to KickActs…tell us a little bit about yourself.

 527563_225526590905566_1320091589_n My Great Grandmother Cecilia was beloved and very popular for her fortune telling and séance skills. Especially during prohibition when she mixed her moonshine potion up! Surrounded by astrology, numerology, folk-Pagan-Catholicism and lots of superstition I was definitely a child of my environment and soaked it up!

Today is a reliable source for metaphysical modalities like tarot, palmistry, astrology, candles and so on from the good fortune of appearances on TV, on radio, podcast, YouTube and in print. My horoscope column has been published in fashion/style magazines for the past 10 years and is currently found in JACQMAGAZINE.COM. Travel is extensive, I just recently came back from a 10 day stint at Musikfest in Bethlehem Pa where currently I’m the house reader at, followed by 2&1/2 weeks in Orlando where I provided two presentations on Wicca & Modern Isiacism ( the religion of the Goddess Isis) in Cassadaga an over 100 year old spiritualist  community! Festival season picks up from now until New Year’s Eve, my time will be divided between those festivals and tending to my private clientele found around the country via Skype or at my home, their homes or at the metaphysical centers I work from In the NYC/NJ/PA area. Currently I live in Jersey City Nj on the beautiful water front over looking Manhattan. Incredible full moon views!

Besides devoting my life to the exploration, study and…practice of Tarot, palmistry & Astrology I have also pursued an academic route studying as a researcher on Neo-paganism and alternative modern religions, ancient philosophy, art & religion/history as well. To support my work from the inside out I’ve also been initiated and ordained a Isiac priest in the Fellowship of Isis, an international fellowship devoted to the Goddess through study, experience, charity work and public ritual. As the head of the Iseum of the Sacred Lotus it’s my responsibility to perform… daily rituals on behalf of our Iseum, teach and provide instruction for aspiring priest/ess’ called by Isis. We are a chapter of a bonified & legally recognized temple found in Geyserville California. My first priority of course are my clients and providing guidance and support for them and their concerns.

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Your Facebook says that you are a “reader” please explain to our audience the difference, (if there is a difference that is) between a “reader” and psychic or fortune teller etc.

902080_225526867572205_613675128_oI love the delicious title “Fortune Teller”! I won’t lie, to me it is romantic, playful, entertaining and colorful! The word psychic irks me interestingly enough. It’s become a dry title, a title that sounds professional and serious. My work is serious, I’m serious about providing the service but I’m a bohemian at heart and my spirit is free, so I like to play on the glamorous character. However it is me through and through, I’m the last of a dying breed- The Romantic! Psychic actually means “Seer of the soul’ in Greek , so it’s not really a 4 letter word, nor does it mean ‘mind reader’! People have become confused with real life and Hollywood movies.

This doesn’t mean that psychics can’t read minds, some are excellent at it. Not me, not my specialty, I find the mind is our private place and the only others that should have privy to that info are the Gods! Mediums are extra special because they are actually doorways between worlds, it’s a very intense responsibility to have that gift of communicating with spirits. On occasion I’ve experienced it, but can’t call it on will. I do refer clients to excellent mediums I trust, sincere and gifted. I’m a tarot specialist , my passion are the mysterious symbols and decoding the language, the story they tell, each client is different, each with their own story to share. Readers come in many variations and different psychic levels too.

Some are good with a cold reading, which is basic psychology. Some are great with traditional metaphysical advice, some combine all, intuition, spiritual communication, cold reading and traditional advice. To me though, I do not pretend to be an amateur psychologist like so many readers pretend to be so that they are respected. That’s why I claim ‘Fortune Teller ‘ instead, I like using all of my skills like astrology to determine good dates for events, strengths and weakness for clients to see and decide if they want to pursue balancing them out, or for love and health remedies. Palmistry is the map to the soul, not everyone can read a map! So that’s why I’m here.

Is this something that you were taught, or just recognized as gifted or?

Everything requires practice! Even if we are all inherently born with certain skills, athletes however natural they are still require discipline and training , so do Readers! Some of us lucky enough to get it can go far without having a nervous breakdown. Others not so lucky. Being born into this environment helped me quite a bit, it was just woven Into the tapestry of my upbringing, not a forefront, not the be-all end-all…..was just there! It spoke to me, I followed and continue to! Practice does make perfect, and I get lots if it! There are many different modalities out there, some require spiritual and psychic assistance such as mediumship, tarot and reiki or chakra work. Others can rely on study, training and recall such things as palmistry, astrology , numerology are perfect examples. Then all can be interconnected and that’s what gives an amazing experience for both the client and reader. It’s felt when channels are open and connections made. How ever some people are more open than others, this can be due to zodiac sign, like Scorpio and Capricorn are very private signs and don’t trust too quickly, especially to someone who may just tap into all their secrets, so they hesitate. A Gemini or a Pisces loves attention and has an affliction for psychic evaluation and open up and chat away!  So my personal experience has been a Perfect blend of ‘born with’, allowed to explore, guided, inspired and encourage, study & lots and lots of practice!

How do you handle skeptics? What about Christianity that doesn’t for the most part condone “fortune tellers”.

Skeptics are my favorite bunch! Why you ask? Because I’m naturally one myself, we should always question what we don’t know, understand or are hesitant even curious about. My field should AND does provide lots of reason to be concerned or skeptical because it deals with levels of trust. I call my first appointment with a new client our ‘first date’, they get a chance to scope me out and see how I operate and I get to see to what degree are they interested and how seriously in regards to longevity of a relationship they intend to establish. Some like a quick answer for fun that gives the green light they were looking for to go ahead with a decision and others have deeper issues that require sensitivity, time and need trust as the bridge to get through to them. I’ve handled hecklers and naysayers with humor, diplomacy and an occasional tit for tat, fortunately for me I’m well acquainted with the facts & history of my work and can give a good run for their money without having to resort to four letter words.

Christians don’t condone Fortune Telling? What? When? HAHAHAHA….. Their bible is filled with delicious stories of prophesy, dreams and predictions, even spirits conversing with mortals! It’s a great read! Humor aside, I fully respect a clients religion and spiritual belief. That’s where the years of personal and academic study of religion, philosophy and history play their parts. To be able to make someone comfortable by speaking their language is key! I couldn’t provide advice or suggestions related to the Wiccan creed or spells to a devout Christian, nor could I offer any good to a faithful Muslim by telling them to practice a voodoo ritual to Yemaya! Our consultation would be pointless and they wouldn’t get anything from it.

I would never force a Christian to compromise their faith by sitting with me and exploring their cards, zodiac or palms but…..if they choose to do so, then I will be accommodating and gentle with them. Sometimes out of guilt when a Christian client leaves they tell me that they will pray for me so that I don’t burn in Hell because I was very nice to them. I just smile and accept the thoughtfulness.

Tell us about a normal typical reading…what happens and what to expect.

If I ever have a “normal typical reading” you’ll be the first one I report it too, promise! There are never 10394028_892240620795615_7944834909212744997_nany typical moments. For instance a young professional woman and her conservative mother came to see me, I was politely on the defense because I wasn’t sure if they were here to test me or if they genuinely wanted some spiritual advice. The reading shocked me what they brought to the table had me cancel all other consultations for the evening! Another client brought in the spirit of a witch/reader he consults in another country, she told him her advice and told him not to seek it anyplace else but to heed it. He didn’t tell me this and she channeled through me and words that were not mine poured out of my mouth. He was shocked that they were the exact words verbatim … Shortly after I passed out and took a few days off to recover! I do however have a little menu, tea is offered, wash the clients hands with rose water to purify the chakras in their palms before they touch my cards or me because we pick up a lot of other energies through the day for the good, bad or indifferent. I say a little chant over their hands then we begin. We can consult the cards, the palms, the zodiac! Each client is a different story so each one needs different modalities. Some believe in one modality over the other so a beginning point usually starts there. Upon ending a visit we conclude with suggestions found in the reading or as I brand them….I mean call them ( some humor again) ‘Soul’Utions’. This could be a candle lighting ritual, specific yoga postures, mantras, prayers, folk spells, use of crystals, removing or adding things to a diet. The list goes on, in order to help a client resume spiritual and physical balance. That’s the purpose after all….. practice!

Very interesting, I never looked at the bible in that way before… So, when someone gets a reading, should they take it all in as fact and heed to it, for the lack of a better word or should they chew on the reading for a while and glean what they can from it?

Information and symbols that appear during a reading should be taken seriously, it’s more than mere psychology, in our day I feel too many amateur readers don’t want to take the responsibility for what they see then say, so they hide behind a “pseudo-Psychology” veil. That approach becomes dangerous because if they are NOT experienced in psychology then some damage could be done on a naive client. I do what I do, read symbols, tell the story as I see it. There can be some abstract portions that require some pondering and mediating to inspire clarity, this could take a while for a client until they’re eureka moment. Some things I see don’t make sense to me, I say it anyhow because it might be pertinent to my client and/or a private message for them. I do encourage my clients to make their own decisions and meet their own fate, the messages I provide provides insight or an alternative angle at looking at the issue.

10374909_809692522383759_3311616084241968880_nHas celebrities like the Long Island Medium, Sylvia Brown, John Edwards and The Psychic Network helped, hindered or hurt the “business”…

It’s fine to say business, haha! It is! Religion is the second oldest profession in the book and fortune telling, divination & soothsaying the third. Celebrity psychics and mediums have existed since time immoral! People love a bigger than life character. I set out & aimed to deliver that too! Those celebrity psychics have great PR magicians making most of the real magic for them to keep that public buzz. They must have special gifts to begin with that got them to where they are or else they wouldn’t have staying power. My career has lead me to TV work and it was exciting to have that opportunity, two shows I worked on we’re for MTV & HGTV, as well as news segments, podcast shows, radio programs. What I do is for the public and in our 21st century way of life social media and entertainment media like YouTube has certainly helped reach out to the throngs of audience interested in what I offer. So celebrity psychics don’t hurt, they inform and give a glimpse of our way of life to viewers. Do I have personal favorites or do any of them make my teeth grind, sure! That’s all a matter of personal taste.


What, if any advice would you give to someone that desires to explore the darker side of the fortune telling. Things like commanding spirit guides, witchcraft and voo doo and other things to cause harm?

Excellent question! I’d tell em to go for it! The only way to know what side of the fence you’re on in this life is to dig deep and go the distance! One needs the experience of the full spectrum on this path! Dabblers, the curious, those who don’t want the full responsibility of what comes with walking between these worlds are often encouraged not to. Ever hear someone goes to a Fortune Teller or witch and are told to stop dabbling or reading? Movies are great for that preface and set up. There’s good reason for that warning, the reasons are numerous but rather simmer down to ” how willing are you to go the distance for learning these arcane secrets?” As I mentioned earlier this not basic psychology, nor is it for those who can’t fully commit. Discipline is required. Commanding spirits, witchcraft and spells, hexes, etc, need to be better understood and one with experience will be able to assess an issue better and perhaps even provide a remedy for the issue or person. Magic is like astrophysics, most people know what both are BUT only the experts in both fiends can see, detect and manipulate those subjects from study, observation and practice. If someone doesn’t practice witchcraft or hasn’t one on one experiences with spirits then they put them selves at harms way and can’t really help a person conflicted by either! So you have to start someplace! I had a catholic priest friend who studied Satanism and very dark occult methods, his Mon Signor finally confronted him about this and my friends response was ” what better way to know your enemy and counteract any methods taken?!”. This was brilliant and I feel he is still right. In order to obtain what is good from bad one must know both sides. It’s just how it goes and there is much risk because I’ve seen what becomes of good people lured in to greed, lust and the ‘dark side’ never to return , to lose it all , become unhealthy and hurt many others. On the same token I’ve seen people face the darkness, conquer it and become an even better person for it! On the subject of voodoo, this is a sensitive topic. I’m not a voodoo practitioner, how ever I do know many. There are many denominations of voodoo and Hollywood has certainly over glamorized a certain aspect of it, playing on the mystery. Of course to an uninitiated onlooker most of it seems exotic, scary even. Voodoo like politics, like media and like a butter knife is totally neutral unless it falls in to wrong hands and is then manipulated for harmful intensions. Didn’t you watch American Horror Story last season?! Hahahah…..

handI have included a photograph of a hand of a friend. What do you see?

Your friends Palm shows a methodical thinker, torn between practicality & ahead of the times ideas. There’s a sense of sensitivity to their nature, but because of their environment be it work, family or place they live they are forced to take authoritative roles but would rather be playing with or like the kids. The thumb grabs my attention, it’s rare to see a hinge like that, this attribute denotes a fair and swaying personality towards those he trusts, others must gain his trust through a series of trials and tribulations because friendship is rather valuable here. The life line is long, rich, and implies he seeks the truth and details in what ever he gets involved in, this is a person who sees things through to the end no matter how miserable a situation may turn. There’s a split in the life line that shows later in life career and relocation have a huge impact on them, that  changes everything about the way they are used to living. Health lines seem fair, attention should be paid attention to sugar levels, spikes and lows due to waiting long periods of eating can affect the mood and temperament. The Fate line is weak or not visible which puts him at the mercy of The Fates, actually it’s a good sign for an independent thinker because no line means this life is a gift and what ever he chooses to do with it will find success! Happiness needs to come from within and there are frustrations here of taking on too many other people’s issues. There’s a control angle here that can prove the old motto ” if you can’t do something right don’t do it at all” and that’s where he can get saddled with others responsibilities and those clever enough to know this nuance will take advantage the of it and work it.

The detached life & determination lines create a materialistic edge, a value on possessions because of their true worth but rarely selfish. There YA go! It’s always a challenge  do  palm reading via pics lol, being able to hold the hand and see it with my own eyes gives a rather better impression because it’s an energy exchanged when done face to face. A cold reading like this can be limited.

It seems every year there are celebrity séances trying to contact  the late magician Harry Houdini. Even Penn & Teller have tried to contact him. Houdini’s wife Bess tried for at least ten years to no avail. Any speculation as to why he never contacted her or anyone else?

Ha! This is probably because if they actually AND finally contacted him there wouldn’t be anything to fill with TV air time the following year! It’s better to try again and tune in next year to see “if Houdini will talk from beyond the grave…..sponsored by BLAH, blah,blah..”! Those TV sponsors would be happier if he stayed silent. Hahaha. That’s TV sensationalism, that’s a different animal all together I suppose. Kinda like why are the Kardashian girls always getting divorced but never do. Houdini I believe has become victim to legend, there were many better illusionists in his day, he just seems to gotten better press and remained memorable over time.

People might be bummed out to find out his secrets, perhaps they aren’t as mesmerizing as one might think, so it’s better to leave that sort of thing to the imagination and honor his memory. I’m one of those types that get bedazzled by simple street büsker styled illusionists, a good slight of hand card trick makes me giddy like a kid! I never question how it’s done either, it’s the mystery! I was an illusionists assistant later on in life and swore under oath with contract signed I’d never reveal what I was taught. So mums the word, just sit back and enjoy the wonderment of the show.

As for not contacting his wife, well……maybe he met someone else on the other side and is on the down low, you know entertainers. Smirk.

Our last question is called “Shout It Out Loud”. It’s were you get to talk about whatever you want to talk about. So go ahead and “SHOUT IT OUT LOUD”

10154963_893004350719242_5504507690554762368_nAs so many ideas swirl in my head on how to answer, all I hear is KISS rocking out to “shout it, shout it out looooouuuud!” Haha! Love it! Ok anything? If my friends knew you offered me that option they’d all be holding their breath! In regard to our subject at hand, remember our stars guide us, the cards offer us options to consider, lines of our palms are the maps to our souls and psychic advice no matter how vague or detailed is still advice offered and we have the choice to choose our own direction to attaining our personal destinies!

Something’s are just meant to be. No matter how many Jedi mind tricks we attempt to use! Remember history repeats itself, so learn history! Pumpkin spice coffee is best when just adding a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla instead of those gross mystery syrups. Guys who talk like 16 year old high school girls are not appealing what so ever! Pugs are little cute imp’s that need to be shaken.

Skeletor was cooler than He-Man. Turn off the TV and let your own intuition speak for you! Matrons of honor at weddings are useless and on wedding nights happy Couples sleep and don’t make love all night as Hollywood often projects. Hug and kiss anytime both are offered, the endorphins released are better than any medicine. Finally ……. I’ll be waiting to hear from anyone who’s interested in a reading!


James Jacob Pierri can be found at Into The Myst Shoppe
In beautiful and historic Bethlehem PA where AusetGypsy has taken up residence
weekly, teaches classes, holds Isian Meditations &  works seasonal festivals.
Recently james has begun Writing a horoscope blog for The Fig.