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“Up here in space, I’m looking down at you. My lasers trace, everything that you do. You think you’ve private lives think nothing of a kind. There is no true escape, I’m watching all the time”

In 1982 Judas Priest wrote these lyrics. Pay careful attention to it. You don’t have to “like” Judas Priest to understand what they were saying. It was bad enough knowing that satellites were watching us all the time back then. But now…


untitled  In 2015, it’s no longer the Government just looking down on us from above. They are watching our every move. We now have “smart” phones with dumb people. I am “one of the dumb” too. We use bank cards, we shop on line. Everything we have has GPS on it. We hardly use cash anymore. When we do we are sometimes still asked for our phone numbers. Most willingly give it to them. So our habits and whereabouts are constantly known and recorded. So is Edward Snowden a saint or a sinner? He did expose top Government secrets but he also exposed the fact the Government spies on its own citizens “or” watches them.

Here is an interesting article about a man trying to go offline and become “anonymous”. Is it even possible these days? Can we remove our digital footprint at all? Should we? Or is it inevitable that every movement and breath we take be tracked and stored away…just encase the Government needs it.



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some excerpts:

I took myself offline completely. Here’s why – Telegraph

untitledq“My current art project, Data Shadow, aims to get the public to realise that our phones are extensions of ourselves, but that we do not own its contents – which has potentially catastrophic consequences. For someone else to be able to monitor our messages, photographs, physical locations and online activity equates to total surveillance.’

“We all have a right to privacy, but this is gradually being eroded. Last year in America, Congress decided that the Fourth Amendment, which states the need for a warrant to search for specific things, does not apply to non-US citizens’ personal data. That is 95 per cent of the world’s population.”

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