100 years later the ground is still poisoned and deadly.

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As the song “Shapes of Things” by the Yardbirds goes.

“Now the trees are almost green, but will they still be seen, when time and tide have been?
Oh, into your passing hands, please don’t destroy these lands, don’t make them desert sands…”

When will we ever learn? World War I was over almost 100 years ago and the landscape is still uninhabitable and scared with bomb craters. Farmers are still uncovering ordnance. Ordnance that contains not only explosives but poisonous gas.

“We have the ability to be Great. Instead we use the ability to HATE…” (my quote)

Here is a testament to what we have done and continue to do.


See story below photograph.

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untitledx An excerpt:

“Alarming amounts of lead debris scattered by shrapnel were also left in place, contaminating the soil with non biodegradable lead, mercury and zinc likely to remain for at least 10,000 years to come.”