About Kick Acts

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Kick Acts mission statement is simply this: To represent the tri-state local scene in an unbiased matter in an open forum that is neither washed down or fluffed up. It is for the people and by the people, the brain child of two local musicians, Allen Tate and Chuck Gee. If you like what you read, please comment on it. If you dislike what you read, comment on that too. If you would like to submit anything, please contact us.

Added March 10, 2009: (1) If you post a comment on an article without using a valid email address, we reserve the right not to approve the comment. Valid email addresses are required in the event that we need to clarify or verify any information. (2) Bickering amongst comment posters will not be tolerated. Comments written in such a way to be inflammatory or as to attempt to get a negative reaction will not be published. So in layman’s terms…Don’t be a DICK!