Chuck Gee

Chuck Gee Hello, my name is Chuck … My alter ego is named Joey Star … It’s not a stage name nor am I like Sybil and no I don’t have multiple personalities … I’m just another “Wordsmith” as my friend Jerry has called me … It’s not an insult by any means … I take it as a full compliment … Anyhow, I enjoy writing, reading, and playing guitar. I have been around long enough to have played music during the Eighties and before that I watched the Bicentennial train pass by my house in 1976 … It stopped in Evansville and my Mom wouldn’t give me the five bucks to walk through history … I’m not bitter, just reminiscing … I still love playing guitar and enjoy writing … I hope you enjoy my work, I literally try to pour my soul into everything I do … A little more ’bout myself you say? … I was a boy scout, I got to “First class” before turning sixteen and getting my driver’s license and abandoning the scouts … I should have stayed on and went for “Eagle”. I still, however, have all my uniforms and merit badges safely stored away … What else? I have been married now for almost 21 years. My wife and I have raised 3 wonderful children and now we have two grandchildren as of this writing … Am I an old man? No way, I am barely in my forties and can still ride wheelies on bikes and bang my head to a good metal song during one of my shows … Growing up is for old people and well, I’ll be damned if I grow old … I want to be like Peter Pan … Live forever and Forever young … I do have a MySpace page that has more of my writings. Here is the address Go by and make yourself at home …

Allen Tate

There’s not a whole lot to say about me. I grew up in small town Kentucky and got the hell out of there the summer I graduated high school and did a couple enlistments in the US Air Force before returning to civilian life and moving to Evansville.Before I got married, I was a drummer in a couple cover bands during my time in the military. I became a bass player in 2001 after my wife bought me a bass for Christmas. As of this writing, I play in an electric cover band called Chowder Monkey. I am also in the process of writing and recording material for a CD I hope to release in 2010. The process has been slow, but I’d rather take my time and get it right than try to rush it and have something I’m not happy with.It is my intention with this site promote independent musicians across the world as well as working with the local acts in the tri-state area. Feel free to check out my MySpace page. Allen "Big Al" Tate

Sheri Merrel

Hey Hey Hey! Hola! I am Sheri! Better known these days as Totally Topless Turbo! Music is a huge part of my life. It has been since I was five begging my poor folks to play “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang over and over again while I bounced around the living room in heaven while Dad played guitar. From that point on music ran next to blood in my veins. I went on to study the history of rock and roll in college and learned many genres.I dabbled in DJing in college and also playing guitar as well. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but I sure try! It helped that I grew up a true VALLEY GIRL in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Modesto to be exact, in the 80s no less! WOOHOO! I love music from the 60 through today’s ROCK N ROLL baby! I have traveled to over 48 states and took in music from all of them. I spent some time promoting Squeeze Play while living in NY. It was awesome to travel with the band and do bookings. I was nicknamed Turbo when I decided to get into racing circle track and drag here in the heartland. I also co-own an auto repair shop for a few years. I love wrenching on hot rods!! I currently am a single 30 something (getting younger everyday!) disc jockey and magazine reporter and have been for about 4 years now and have a blast doing it! I am a mom of a beautiful 21 year old daughter that just married recently. Oh yeah and one more thing: I love to get WILD! Lets ROCK…Turbo style…… Catch me on Facebook.

Harvey Witz

Outspoken? Yes!Arrogant? To a fault.I say old man, HELL NO … Just always right … Rush Limbaugh looks to me for his supreme guidance. I am, therfore, brutally honest. The truth with teeth I always say … and I quote myself … “you may lead a horse to water but damned if I will. I shall have him mounted … on my wall if he can’t find a drink for himself. The bar is right over there. Carry on old chap.”I, Harvey Witz, will not lower my standards to espound on such a venture as this vagabond of rubbish, but I will freely and with deep conviction depart my words of wisdom whilst I sit on the loo. Harvey Witz

Chris and Vickie Gish (our Rock & Roll Tag Team)

Chris and Vickie Gish are our newest members of the Kickacts writing team but don’t let that fool you. They have been attending concerts and shooting killer photographs of bands and car shows  for years. Check out some of Chris and Vickie’s 2011 “Rock on the Range” photos here… and Vickie also shoot suped up car calenders too. Chris  runs an awesome auto body repair shop that is probably hands down the best in the Tri-State area. Click here to see some of the photographs and body work he does. In 2011 Chris won at the NMRA (National Mustang Racing Association World Finals) “which translates to” he has one of the fastest street cars out there. Chris and Vickie’s photographs and race cars have been featured in several issues of national magazines too. If you  see them at a rock concert or car show go up and say hello!