March 30, 2009

Breach Of Contract

The first question I would ask the candidate is “are you sterile” before I ever went any further. Of course, as a candidate, I would not divulge that I’d been fixed unless specifically asked. Oh, and I’d hang on the the $2500 until my “services” were no longer needed and then I’d offer a refund.

This is a very strong statement. At Set Free Church we preach and teach this very thing. Having unconditional love is something we should be striving for. Have you ever noticed that we always want to put stipulations on our love for someone? Have you ever noticed that when we love someone that we try
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More Fotos from the Corydon Kentucky Tornado Damage ...

My wife’s niece lives there and they never heard the storm sirens go off. They were fortunate because the tornado passed through the corner of their backyard but didn’t do any damage to them. However, their yard was strewn with trailer debris, toys and photographs from the homes that were damaged. Natasha (my wife’s niece) gathered
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