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1. It’s been a couple of years since we last checked in which Chaz Dicus ( ) so we thought we would revisit with him and get up on what’s been going down with him lately. So Chaz, what the hell has been going on since we last spoke?

I gots me a Gibson Flying V! Ya, it’s pretty sweet. I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw Hetfield with one back in the 80s. And while it was Hetfield that seeded the dream, I seem to feel like Mustaine when I play it…with the Hetfield attitude. AKACIA is going strong and keeps getting stronger and stronger. There seems to be this phenomenon with bass players. We get one and they open new doors to song ideas and talent. We’ve been very lucky, having only to change bass players. Each and every one of them have their own style and bring something new, total professionals.

The radio biz has went WAYYY downhill. I miss it, but it seems like some people are fine with dumbing down the quality of the programming. Hard economic times does not mean poor quality, thus a change in career was needed. Enter Custom Fit Personal Training. Not only can you Rock, but I can help get you healthy too. I work with a great group of trainers and I feel very lucky to still be able to enjoy my passion of music while maintaining a fullfilling career.
I also give guitar lessons. Hit me up! Space is very limited! I don’t give vocal lessons. I believe that we all have some level of musical ability, but singing? Either you have it or you don’t. And don’t expect it to happen by this weekend! Sure, you can take lessons and sing in the choir. It’s good training. But it takes so much more to push into the grey areas and actually find and develop your voice. It took me years and I still feel like I’m looking for more growth.

AND! I’ve have a slight addiction to music autobiographies. Motley Crue, Clapton, Sammy, Lemmy, Keith Richards, Slash, Aerosmith, etc. I guess it could be worse. It’s not like I’m cutting lines on the cover of the newest Kurt Cobain biography. I’m picky. I want to read about those whole shook up the industry. Legends! Call it inspiration! Maybe its that voice in my head saying…could of, should of, would of… We all have it.

I’ve also been flying the FOH at Stoney’s every Thursday night and for various national acts when needed. It’s fun. You sometimes run into controlling attitudes and behaviors, look…there is a reason I was hired to run FOH. Anyone can open up the newest app and push buttons, but not everyone has the ear. Trust your ear! Not a damn app!

2. Akacia is still kicking ass after what, seven years or so? You guys are like the Little Engine that could. Does it ever get old or are you guys still having a blast doing it?We are always having a blast! Sure, you have some off nights and some nights feel magical, but you should never stop enjoying your gift. The chance to share it with others is a plus!

I think it’s been about 9 years now. It was around 2002 when the first conception of AKACIA came about. It’s funny. You can play anywhere and everywhere and bust your ass to try to get your name out there. Every show! We have people tell us that we are talented musicians, great songs, awesome voice! And we appreciate every single comment. Yet, you always find those people who have no idea who you are. We could try to find every excuse in the book, or we can just keep booking and playing more and more. You call us the ‘Little Engine that Could.’ There’s nothing little about AKACIA…except for their short front man (but aren’t most of the greatest singers?) It’s all about the effort. Stacey Hurst, formerly with Stompbox was the first to call us “Evansville’s Best Kept Secret.” We ran with it. It was like finding a long lost friend. Then the secret got out!

You ask if this gets old? Yes, this is a business! Yes, we are having fun! When it is ALL business and no fun, then back off..take a breath, regroup and give it another try. Your attitude relates directly to the audience. If you’re not having fun, then don’t expect the crowd to either…there’s always exceptions, but that’s a good general rule to live by…or play by. And I believe that crosses over into daily life too.

AKACIA is a damn good band consisting of 4 great guys with great attitudes. We are more like brothers/relatives than musician’s for hire. We are a band.

3. Does today’s music impress you much?

Today’s music. El sucko, no talent-o. IF you mean by what is on the radio of course. I am young at heart and old in the mind! I appreciate good music, no matter what genre and this thing called Dynamic Range. Look it up. Today’s music has no emotion, no feeling. At least you could add that lost element with a decent recording technique, but no! Let’s compress every hz! Make it loud! Make it loud! Thank God almighty we can make it LOUD! Boring. Case in point. Master of Puppets, Metallica. Arguably their best. Besides the great song writing, it’s loud! It’s powerful! Oh, oh?! Listen…hear that? A quiet note. Oh! And a loud note! Today’s music is good for two things, stripping and simple minds. Today, I find myself discovering or rediscovering the gems. Aerosmith’s debut for example. Dat dar’s realz music!

There is some nice things happening with music today. Country music always will have a grasp on good songwriting. There’s no loss of emotion with country music. There are some corny lyrics that somehow become a flash in the pan, but the emotion is always there.

Rock, in general, will always be progressing, then regressing and again progressing. It’s a basic cycle. Country and Rock are, for the most part, brothers-in-arms.
4. You work at Custom Fit Personal training, got any advice for people that want to lose weight but not by doing Evansville meth or by purchasing a fancy dust collector like a bow flex?

Here’s your advice to lose weight: Stop making excuses. The hardest part is commitment. It’s common sense, although I do realize some people lack quite a bit of it. Stop drinking Coke. It’s a treat, not a substitute for the water that your body really needs. You must eat! Check your portions. Starving yourself only signals the body to start storing reserves. And be mobile.

That’s a start. There’s a lot more we could cover (like nutrition and trends), but if a person makes a commitment and starts taking steps to obtainable goals, then you should start seeing results. If you defeat yourself mentally, then the body has no chance. I’ve been thinking about putting together Rock Star routines…lead singer, mic stand presses, etc.

Kids, drugs kill. It is not my responsibility to tell you yea or nea. That is your parents job and if you have dead beat or lazy parents then find an adult, like a school teacher, who can answer your questions. Meth kills. If any of my neighbors do Meth and their home explodes, thus hurting ANYTHING I own, love or nurture, I will strangle what life is left in their pea nut-sized, rotten toothed head. Some people have the mental compacity to deal it, some don’t. Do the research. If man had to add this to make this…stay away from it.

5. If you only had one decade in which to choose of an era of music you could only listen to, which decade and why?

That’s easy. The 80s! I can find all I need in the 80s. The country, rock, metal, pop (when pop was good), blues…it’s all good in the 80s. Even more important, the 80s had the worse and the best of eras. That’s important. If everything sucks, then how do you know what is good?

Bonus fun question: Jack LaLanne was 96 when he recently died, so does the Jack LaLanne juicer really work that well?

Juicers work…Jack’s Juice is no different from others, maybe his parts are Mexican, not Chinese. With that said, Man cannot live on juice alone. We all need some bread and butter from time to time…and a bloody steak.

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We’ve also been on MySpace for years now, but that site has become somewhat useless. I do try to keep it updated, as far as show info. There was a time when AKACIA had it’s own domain, but due to illegal immigration, rising health care costs and the threat of rising taxes, we were forced to downsize to free-service social networks.