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Hi Chris and thank you for joining us today. So your book the 73 rules for influencing the interview using psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion techniques , can it really help me secure more job offers?

First thank you for inviting me down for this interview. As we all know competition is at an all time high due to the world wide recession and global competition for all jobs, the techniques in the book are designed to give the interviewee the edge over other applicants by using psychology, nlp and hypnotic language.

Well that sounds a bit Derren Brown to me, does it work?

As you can see from Derren Brown’s TV shows these techniques do work, I’m not saying you go into an interview and put the interviewer into a deep trance or for that matter I’m not saying you need to pull out a gold watch saying “hire me, hire me” if you do that your most likely going to be asked to leave. In the book you will learn how to understand the employer’s personality type, what motivates them and how to persuade and influence them.

So, once you know the interviewers personality type you can manipulate them?

Everyone filters information differently, some get bored with detail and just need an overview, while others get stressed or don’t fully understand a situation or interview answer without having the facts and details. By understanding how people process information you can word your answers so they pass through that persons filters which means the interviewer is more likely to be impressed by you, which will lead to more job offers

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is basically a modelling process, the co-founders got the best hypnotherapist, artist, sport stars and found out what they did mentally to be the best in their field. Once they learnt what went on internally you can copy that process to receive the same results, a famous modelling process was completed in the USA with national spellbound winners. When modelled the winners all sued the same process they would visualise the word, speak the letters and then get a feeling if the word was spelt correctly. Compare this to people who generally struggle with spelling, they will often say the word first and try to spell it.

Wow that’s pretty amazing but how do you use NLP in job interviews?

A big part of the job interview is the interviewee’s confidence; NLP has taught us how confident people visualise events and how to get rid of phobias quickly. In the book we have tailored these processes to the interview situation, so all the interviews will be able to access their confident state just before their next interview.

So, what your saying is, if a person has a phobia of interviews the book we teach them how to get rid of it?

Yes, and how to access a confident state

You have already said that you can’t dangle a watch in front of the interviewer’s eyes, so how do you use hypnosis in the interview?

What the interviewee needs to achieve here, is to take the interviewer into an internal place, a bit like a day dream and to get them to imagine the interviewee working for them, or being successful, or meeting the company targets. Whatever it is you want to get across in the interview. You can use hypnotic language to take them their without the interviewer being aware they have gone into a micro trance, this way you can get people to think about what it is you want them to think about. As an example don’t think about a pink elephant dancing on a blue ball….what are you thinking about

Lol yes you got me… a pink elephant dancing on a blue ball

It’s really simple, whatever you say to people is turn into images and feelings, so if you say imagine me working for your organisation, and together we are incredibly successful, through by creative skills and your excellent business skills….the interview now has to imagine this scenario that you have just created.

Imagine in the interview you say in my last job I put in a new strategy that doubled the company profits for two years in a row, would you like me to explain what I did in full or just summarise the main sections? Have I given the employer a choice here?


If feel like a choice but that is an illusion. My goal was to discuss my strategy (my main selling point) by asking in full or in a summary, the interviewer feels he has to choose an option – whatever he chooses I still get to discuss my main selling point.

Well that sounds fantastic; I wish we could talk for longer. So please remind us when is the book due out and where can we buy it from?

The book is called ‘the 73 rules for influencing the interview using psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion techniques’ you can buy it from amazon or all other good book retailers or from my website The book is available  now and was released on 13th july 2012

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