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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bacon toast with sugar

“generally speaking” ,, MANY / most –  stage  4 cancer patients, die within 18 months,, with “treatment”  or  without.. that is  a statistical fact..    and  with “treatment” , many of those  18 months are not the best “quality of life” ..

i’m  5 months after diagnosis,, i feel really good, my body is intact, i’m not suffering  from my cancer battle physically ,, mentally – yes, but i’ve got a good handle on that now..

i’m  doing the  Gerson Therapy,, 70 years  of proven success .

with food  & vitamins, if it takes  up to 2 years to become “cancer free” , and i get to feel like this the whole time- ,, well,,, winner winner – chicken dinner ,,,  that’s   24 months  of feeling great, compared  to a hopeful 18 months , with the  bad side effects starting  immediately , when traditional treatment starts,,

to me , i still think i am WAY ahead , and i’m quite  happy about it

i feel good , and i’m HAPPY  about my treatment,, not bad for a cancer patient…………

two thumbs up , hell yeaaah !! fantastico ,  wunderbar,, top shelf, that’s how i feel about this whole deal now,,   i’m strong , confident, and  ready to take on anything..

my passion for life  “meter” is pegged .. i want to live long time, smiling, joking, and playing music…

not too much can get me down now,,,  cancer – schmantzer .. what else you got ,,,  traffic troubles?, line too long at the grocery?, cell phone dropped in the toilet?,  guitar string breaks? dog chewed up your schedule book? ,,

“it’s all in yo head”  –   that  madness,

if anyone  asks————  i’m feeling great ,, pass it  on

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