What’s your favorite Christmas memory? Here are my few

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and far in between ones..


Dressing us as twins was soooo wrong….

I have very few Christmas memories and I really don’t know why. There are photographs that prove we really had them and there were always a lot of toys but the memories are buried somewhere in my brain…I still have a few of the toys we got as little kids. The stuffed turtle I still have and the little metal guitar is another one that I have…

But the fond Christmas memories? Where are they at? I remember the cardboard fireplace and the colored wheel that was set up every year. I remember “mom” laying in bed at night and not going to sleep. I also remember hearing the car trunk slam on her car.

Here are a few of mine that I can recall…

 One Christmas I do remember clearly was our Uncle Abe and his wife Tina where staying with us. Abe had a thing for guard dogs and he had 2 Doberman pinscher’s always with him. Well, Uncle Abe’s bed was in the front guest room where the Christmas tree was. Christmas morning, we couldn’t go in there to see what we got because Abe was still in bed and the dogs would raise up and start growing at us..So Christmas was put on hold until he decided it was time to get up. Once he got up and the all clear was given to us to inspect our toys from Santa we found that during the night the Doberman pinschers had got down and chewed up some of the toys… One of them being my incredible hulk action figure and the kick stand that came with the football…Those damn dogs…. No apologies or nothing either from the xmas6Uncle..Uncle Abe was one tough Son of Bitch though. He grew up in a different era. His philosophy was this, “If you car has a half of tank of gas, fill it back up”…A few years later his precious attack dogs turned on him and his wife. They were ok but the dogs had to go. Years later when Uncle Abe was actually dying I was there…He told the paramedics to “Let me go goddammit!!”well, he got his wish…I miss the old guy…Hell, he may have only been 52 when he died but lived a lifetime in that short time..


David rocking the hand made cowboy outfit, I still have those and that guitar

When my brother David and I were real little, we had to go to Alabama for a trip to visit some relatives. You know, looking back it may have been Missouri but for some reason Alabama is stuck in my mind. I can see us playing on the sidewalk out in front of the house we were staying …Anyway, it was Christmas time. We worried and worried that Santa wouldn’t be able to find us since we weren’t home for Christmas. We didn’t have to worry. He found us. My brother David and I got a play doh fire truck each. That was all Santa brought.. I would have fared better if it had been a secret decoder ring,Lol. No explanations where given. And nothing was made up for it…A firetruck a piece…

 One time for Christmas we received two chopper chain driven big wheel type riding toys. These things were super cool. Big green choppers we could ride. But they were defective. The pedals weren’t welded to the sprocket so neither one of them worked. Santa had let us down… So our Grandpa Buzz took them to where ever you take Santa’s toys back for repairs…And we waited and we waited. We asked where were the cool choppers… No reply…And then they returned…They were under the tree the next Christmas!! Re-gifts! By then we had outgrown them. Can you believe that? They were repaired and kept somewhere until the following Christmas…


David always went first…

 About the last Christmas I remember while I was still at home was 1982. I received a Spark-o-matic 8 track tape player for my car! What a great gift! Loved it even though in 1982 8 track tapes were already being phased out to cassettes!

Anyway, there are a few of mine. What about yours?