Happy Birthday Alice Cooper!

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Alice Cooper - From The Inside - FrontIt’s Alice Cooper‘s birthday today. The original King of Shock Rock.This first song is from his 1978 album “From the Inside”. As far as I am concerned it was his best body of work. A masterpiece. Not one bad or lame song on it. I remember listening to this love song “How you gonna see me now” and the whole album over and over again in my room. I would stare at the album gate fold (which folded out like doors). Inside the album was a photograph of a sanitarium and all the characters that are on the album in the songs are presented there. Nurse Rosetta, JackKnife Johnny and all the rest! Also, if you looked closely into Alice’s eyes on the cover you can see the people inside his head!

Kids these days, I guess maybe they can relate but how so I do not know. When I was growing up it was pre internet. Meaning all I had to go by was the album art, the album and my imagination. Music wasn’t as disposable as it is now. I didn’t have unlimited music at my finger tips. I got an album or a tape of the month (wow remember those??!!) and that’s all I had but in reality, all I needed. My friends and my memories are locked up in these albums. They are always there waiting on me to show up and play. They never get old.

The album means so much to me to that you can see the really cool lunchbox my friend from childhood got me for Christmas this year after the videos!

Enjoy some of the songs from the album below!


Alice Cooper - From The Inside - Inside (3-3)