VBlog, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and Ozzie?

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Sharon-Osbourne-and-Ozzy-OsbourneRecently Ozzy has come forward and now reporting that not only is he a recovering alcoholic, and drug addict. He can also add to that list..WAIT FOR IT…..a recovering sex addict..LMAO!! How ridiculous is that? Sex addiction is real but come on OZZY really? From watching your sitcom you can hardly walk across a floor or speak coherently..Sex addiction is real of course. I don’t know Ozzy but from his public persona I would simply guess he was looking for affection/attention and not from an over bearing woman that his wife appears to be…

Here is the link. The Mirror.Uk

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood and his son recently sat down with Esquire Magazine. Clint looks back at some of his movies, his decisions in life that drive him. His work ethics and the now “Pussy Generation” we live in. Its a great read and words of wisdom from a man that is 86 years old and still gets up and goes to work everyday.

Here is the link: Esquire