Chuck Gee

Rush 2112

Originally released in 1976. Luckily for us kids of the 70’s, back then we had “The Tape of the Month” Club and that album was one of the 8 track tapes you were sent automatically if you didn’t return the “mail in” cancel card on time … Come to think of it, we never returned
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Old Porn Stars Need Jobs Too...

I just finished reading a news article from New Jersey about a “former” adult film actress that was pressured into quitting her job by some uptight parents and some other squeaky clean sinless folks … Seems Crystal Gunns hasn’t been in any movies for at least five years and she was looking for other work.
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I recently picked up the local magazine News 4U … I’m sure you’ve seen it … It’s everywhere … I remember when it used to be in a larger format but times have changed so I can understand the smaller package it is now … but as I thumbed through the current issue I noticed
Read More Eyewitness: ‘Sesame Street’ Naughty Before Katy Perry Updated: 7 hours 18 minutes ago David Fagin Contributor AOL News (Sept. 29) — In the early part of the 2000s, I had the privilege of working behind the scenes on “Sesame Street” for a few seasons. And after seeing the fervor among viewers caused by the
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