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Jennifer Aniston is fed up...

Jennifer Aniston rarely speaks out about tabloid reports about her relationships. But the actress has had enough of the gossip papers publishing questions on her body – specifically whether she and her husband, Justin Theroux, are expecting. In a column for Huffington Post, Aniston, who is not on social media, set the record straight: She
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'Back to the Future' How much did they get right?

If you “like” it, please re post it:) Kick Acts Today is National “Back to the Future” Day”. For a 30 year old movie, the predictions are close. However, the Cubs winning The World Series is gonna be a tight one if they can. If they do, how ironic would that be? BTTF is a great
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Mythbusters Scandal?...

  Dear Mythbusters Fans: I have some news to share. News I presume you’re not going to like. News that you likely won’t believe. News that will make you mad. And for that… I’m sorry. However… If you read this post all the way to the end (it’s pretty short)… I expect I will have
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NY Post Cover of Monica Lewinsky

LMAO!. Talk about being tongue in cheek! Or getting ahead! Or is their publication just going down? Are there anymore?

Margo, Adult filmstar homeless and addicted

Just another example of how uneven the adult film business is. I am not saying they caused Margo and others’ like her to become homeless and addicted to drugs. But the actresses’ do all the “work” and most don’t get residual fees or royalties. It’s pretty much you get paid for it once and that’s
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So did a Redneck finally find and kill BigFoot?

  Here we go again…You know folks, I would like to believe but there is absolutely not one ounce of real proof Big Foot exists. Anyone can say a broken tree limb was made by Bigfoot or fake a foot print. Today with HD video cameras people still only produce grainy footage..why is that???You got
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