God Healed two stuck Middle Fingers at a Stryper Concert!

Posted onApril 26, 2016
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Well, sort of. You will have to watch the video to see what happens but it is entertaining to say the least! I can’t imagine flipping off the singer of a Christian rock band. I have seen Stryper several times and I feel guilty about ordering a beer during the show much less giving them the bird! Those guys ROCK! Thumbs up to Michael!

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Stryper Hot Tub “Time Machine”?

Posted onFebruary 25, 2015
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Michael Sweet’s New Song “The Cause” Yea or Nay?

Posted onJanuary 28, 2014
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Michael Sweet interview from Powerline

Posted onMarch 21, 2013
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This a great interview and the guy asked all the right questions. Michael Sweet is candid and open. I give him props for saying he hasn’t been in a christian record store in 20 years. I haven’t either. The music to me is unexciting and a copy of most secular bands. No one hardly stands out on their own…




Here is an excerpt.

I mean, do you think Christian rock is in a better place than it was 30 years ago?
Sweet: No. No, I don’t. I always view Christian rock and music differently than a lot of other people do. For saying these kinds of things I get referred to as a pompous jerk and someone who’s just not nice. But I speak from the heart and I am very open and very honest. I just think that a lot of times Christian rock is every bit — if not more so — a cookie cutter business. Sometimes I question whether any of these bands are really Christian. And I don’t mean that in a judgmental way. I just mean that in the sense that: ‘Oh wow, I couldn’t get a major recording deal, so I’m gonna go get a Christian deal. Because that’s easy.’ And you get so many of thee bands and you meet them one-on-one and you start having a conversation with them about religion or spirituality and they have no clue what you are talking about. They’re looking like deer in the headlights. And it’s like ‘Wow. Okay.’ And I’ve seen this personally. I’ve come across it personally — and I won’t mention names — and it’s kind of sad, the state of where we’re at. So many bands, clawing their way to the top, and fighting like it’s a competition. I listen to this band and then listen to the next band, and I couldn’t tell the two apart. So many bands sound the same. Every now and then there’s a special band that comes out and you’re like ‘Wow, they’re amazing.’ That’s few and far between, in my opinion. Groups like Switchfoot are amazing. They come out, you know who it is when you hear them, they have their own unique sound, like POD when they hit the scene. But not a lot of bands that come out have that kind of power and uniqueness and that originality.

Do you find that Christian record stores still carry a lot of the CDs?
Sweet: I don’t know. I haven’t stepped foot in a Christian record store in, I don’t know, maybe 20 years. So I’d definitely be the wrong guy to ask that question.



Recent Micheal Sweet interview

Posted onMarch 14, 2013
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michaelsweet5Follow the link below over to sleazeroxx for an incredible interview. I would have posted a brief part of it but they have it sewed up where I can’t copy and paste a paragraph of it. That’s ok, go by and read the interview. It has some insights to why Robert wasn’t used on some albums, re records and other cool stuff. I give the interviewer 10 “In God in we trust” screams out of ten. Not sure I am buying one of the reasons that Robert didn’t play on one of the albums is because he lost his demo cd?? Go by and read it for yourself 🙂