I love it when small business's tell big one's to F...

lol. Cottleville Missouri SALUTE!.  Namely “Exit Six Pub and Brewery”! Good for them! Apparently Starbucks as a huge corporation tried to heavy hand them with a cease and desist letter over a similar name of their product. So they replied and sent a check. You gotta read the whole story here and its worth reading!
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John Mellencamp's life in 15 songs

I really like this. Anytime an Artist will take time out of their life and give us “common” people a little insight on the songs and the way they came about I find highly interesting and soak it up like a sponge! It reminds me of a campfire setting and everyone listening to the older
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Smoke them if you got them? Uh no...

It’s your freedom to smoke. I gladly accept that and will defend your right to do it. But, you gotta ask yourself…why do it when this is what you are getting in return from doing it.    

Ten questions with "Dynasty Electric"!

  Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about yourself and your band and where you can be found at on the web. Jenny: Hello everyone J I love life- music, art, nature, beautiful people. Seth & I run an artist friendly community-centric label called NewSonic. I sing and play theremin in our band
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DON'T Break the Barrier...ever!

Seriously, why in the hell would you break the barrier? Somethings are better off left to the “mystery”… You know, sort of like those “mysteries” on a  rosary… They are secrets… A man should be a gentleman in the presence of his woman and a woman should be lady like in her man’s company…(but a
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