jared fogle

Jared, Subway's former pitchman gets pitched for over 15 years!

  UPDATED! Jared is being sent to Henderson County Detention Center in Henderson KY tonight! Ex-Subway pitchman sentenced to 15-1/2 years on child sex charges – Yahoo News <div><img src=”http://b.scorecardresearch.com/b?c1=2&c2=7241469&c7=news.yahoo.com%2Fex-subway-spokesman-sentenced-child-sex-charges-120208145.html&c5=2145892301&c14=104&cv=2.0&cj=1″ style=”display:none” width=”0″ height=”0″ alt=”” /></div> INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Former Subway sandwich chain pitchman Jared Fogle on Thursday was sentenced to 15-1/2 years in federal prison
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