The day the Music died for our Generation of Metal

I remember it like it was yesterday… He was our generation’s Jimi Hendrix. A little guy with monster guitar skills. He is still influencing guitarists all over the world 33 years later…R.I.P. Randy [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”center”]

So many never before seen photographs and video are slowly making their way to the surface finally! Check out this video click from Entertainment tonight.  

A super bad ass rocking song but Ozzy is awful as usual…:( It’s Black Sabbath Karaoke..I am glad Ozzy isn’t reading children’s books…He is even “singing” monotone…sad, sad,sad,sad,sad,sad,sad,sad….

Black Sabbath American tour dates

If you like gambling here is a safe bet. Go see Black Sabbath somewhere on their North American Tour. The dates are listed below. The safe bet is this. Ozzy will prolly bail on some of the shows due to “his voice”. Remember the Ozzfestivals? I was at one of teh several that he bailed
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So what do you think? Sorry it’s an IHeart radio streaming file so they have audio marked it with “IHeart Radio” sound bite every few minutes….Toni Iommi has the standard killer riff..  

New Black Sabbath snippet

uh, not feeling it…I am so over Ozzy at this point anyway. Probably safe to say his vocals are probably pieced together and have to be synched up with the music anyway at this point in his life.I will give Toni Iommi props for the riff though. For a guy that has two finger tops
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