Kick Acts Beside Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, who else is there that oozes rock and roll? “The Darkness” that’s who! Justin and the guys keep delivering the goods! And if you are a member of their fan club and order something, you may get an extra gift in your rock package just because the
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The Darkness "Open Fire" Official video!

After releasing an audio YouTube video of “Open Fire”. The Darkness has just released the official video to the song! Check it out. You really can’t go wrong with Justin and the gang! [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 2″ align=”center”] More on the Darkness! Is the Darkness the answer to Queen?? <HERE> The Barbarian video! <HERE>  

QUEEN & Adam Lambert Chicago 06/19/2014 vids

I guess about the only thing I find annoying about Adam Lambert singing with QUEEN is that Adam is not moving around… Almost like he’s not really into it at all….opinions from Minions? chuck I got the videos off Youtube, hat tip to…cos2mwiz

Freddie Mercury's grave found?

Freddie Mercury. By far one of the greatest singers of all time hands down. He was able to take stadiums full of people and have them eating out of his hands. His voice along with the rest of the guys music as Queen have stood the test of time now since the early 70’s… When
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David Bowie releases new song!

This guy is a musical genius! He turned 66 yesterday and released this new song! The lyrics are outstanding and deep. So far better than the 10 words in a techno dance beat song crap we are forced to listen to on the radio today. Music of today should be made to study the greats
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I am still on the fence about Adam singing for them. While watching the video sometimes it seems like Adam is just phoning in the vocals or he is taking QUEEN as a classic rock band and not the power house band they are… I think George Micheal would be a great fit but he
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