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Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty suffers stroke

If you don’t have at least Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” album in your iPod or vinyl collection, you need to see an old priest and a new priest right now. You should have “No Mean City” too and “It’s Naz”. Classic guitar rock at its best.

I saw Nazareth with Thin Lizzy opening for them at the Evansville Coliseum back in 1980? They are a great band. Tons and tons of great songs.

Back to the topic. Apparently Dan recently suffered some health issues and now has had a stroke. He is currently in a Hospital. Prayers are appreciated. No word on his condition.

While you are thinking of him, enjoy some of the videos of Nazareth…


Go to for the whole article.



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Miley Cyrus VMA…You have lost ur mind…

I am up for art. I get it. I am not conservative either. I am pretty open minded.. But this is crap and she is way out of control. This ain’t your Hannah Montana any more.Man, she is cutting off the hand that feeds her. I am thinking rehab and bankruptcy in the near future for her unless someone intervenes. By no means making fun of her. My grand kids loved Hannah Montana. If she was an airplane, she needs to pull up!

The video is under these two photo clips…




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Bike Night tonight at Black Diamond Studios

Door prizes include DVDs of Season 1,2, & 3 of Duck Dynasty!


MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! Black Diamond Studios Bike Night! We have added something new to the mix this for this bike night. There will be a chance to win a $200.00 tattoo. There will also be a chance to win Duck Dynasty season 1,2 & 3 dVD’s, so call a friend, bring a friend, or hog tie em and drag them here. It’s BIKE NIGHT! Black Diamond Studios Bike Nights are a family friendly event. There is good food, music, corn hole, and more door prizes than Davy Jones’ locker will hold. You’re not going to eat cheaper anywhere else in Henderson but the soup kitchen. What you won’t find at this event is alcohol & attitudes. This event is on the last Monday of each month that it is warm enough to ride, and we put this on for a couple of reasons. One reason we do this is to promote local businesses & the other is to give you something to do on a Monday night. There is no entry fee to come, and a lot of people that do come bring their kids. It’s just a really great time for all. Whether you ride or not, come & check it out. There are always some awesome bikes here and we also have tattoo & piercing specials on bike night. There is nothing else to do on a Monday night, and the weekend is sooooo far away. I would appreciate anyone that will share this event for us too. Hope to see you soon!bike

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