kick ass cables

National Kick Ass Cables Day!

    I have been working on Kick Ass Cable top of the line guitar cables for 7 years and I have got it right. I am now endorsed by Jonathan Montoya from Saliva and the bad ass new band A New Rebel. Kick Ass Cables is also Endorsed by Jason Null from Saving Abel,
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Kick Ass Cables Black Friday Cable Special!

If you haven’t heard of Kick Ass cables you have no idea what you are missing! These cables are the best! Just for starters Touring Musicians in Marilyn Manson’s band uses them. So do the guys in  Pop Evil just to name two and there are many others out on the road trusting their sound
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The New Pop Evil Vid "Purple" is here!

Pop Evil’s facebook page For more on Pop Evil click here! Trespass America To see Chris Gish’s interview with Matt DiRito click here! Matt DiRito Pop Evil’s Matt DiRito is also sponspered by KICK ASS Cables! Click on KICK ASS to check out these killer cables!  

 KICK ASS Cables teams up with Fred Sablan of Marilyn Manson!

 Fred Sablan‘s rig is now set up with the best damn cables in the business! Kick Ass cables, a High end instrument cable manufacturer for professional full time musicians and the weekend warriors! give Jack Hamaker a call contact us at 812-589-9470   Check out Fred’s rig! Check out Fred and the rest of
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