rob zombie

This is AWESOME with a Capital “A”! It’s shot in B&W and his voice reminds me of Ted Nugent with the old school circus bartering!. It’s all attitude and he tips his hat to Bowie. Can you find out where???

John 5 needs your Help to find his guitars

and some other personal prized possessions. Apparently some real jerks broke into his house and made off with some stuff including some guitars. Here are some photos of what was taken. If you come across them, hit him up on his Facebook page here. JOHN 5 Items stolen: Make/Model: Fender Telecaster Serial Number: R33725 Color:
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 KICK ASS Cables teams up with Fred Sablan of Marilyn Manson!

 Fred Sablan‘s rig is now set up with the best damn cables in the business! Kick Ass cables, a High end instrument cable manufacturer for professional full time musicians and the weekend warriors! give Jack Hamaker a call contact us at 812-589-9470   Check out Fred’s rig! Check out Fred and the rest of
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Damnit Maurie of KISS 92.5 interveiws Rob Zombie

Here is a video of an interview with Rob Zombie from Damnit Maurie of “The Roz & Mocha Show” on Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s KISS 92.5 radio station…MIght be a lesson in here on what not to do during an interview. The interview”er keeps stepping in during Rob’s conversation. Rob is pretty cool about it. Also
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